Dubai: - In a groundbreaking alliance, internationally acclaimed educational institution Brookes Education Group (BEG) and the forward-looking Enlightened Minds Holding Group have partnered with the shared mission of spreading excellence in education across the Middle East in 2024.

BEG aims to offer an exceptional primary and secondary IB education to international and local students across the United Arab Emirates, continuing the rich tradition of the Brookes network, offering excellence in academics, unique global experiences, exceptional STEM, language and support programs, and inspiring students and educators alike to reach their full potential.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) stands as a promising arena for investment, driven by its dynamic economic growth, vibrant cultural diversity, and the escalating need for top-tier education services.

"With Brookes, we want to offer an unparalleled opportunity to invest in education solutions of tomorrow," says Timur Kudratov, Founder and CEO of Enlightened Minds. He continues, "Investing in IB education means attaching yourself to a global name, being linked to some of the top names internationally. That’s why we chose Brookes Education Group. Regional education done with a global reach in mind."

Brookes Education Group is committed to creating a global learning environment that empowers the next generation of changemakers. The goal of the international school network is to instill confidence and a passion for learning in students while inspiring them to make a positive impact on the world and help others.

“With locations in the UK, Canada, Russia, and India, Brookes aims to bring world-class education to the Middle East, where the demand for quality schools is rising along with the population,” says BEG Board Director of MENA, David Rose. He continues, “With the internationally acclaimed IB program and an understanding of local contexts ,we seek to expand the educational options available to parents.”

Enlightened Minds and Brookes will collaboratively establish educational institutions dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of students across the Middle East. These schools will emphasize not only academic excellence but also the importance of creativity, physical education and socio-emotional support.

Together, both BEG and Enlightened Minds will foster a culture of lifelong learning and are committed to making a meaningful difference in the world.

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About Brookes Education Group

Brookes Education Group was founded by a team of international educators who share the desire to deliver high-quality education accessible to youth around the world. BEG is a globally known network of international day and boarding schools across four locations; Canada, U.K, India, and Russia.

Brookes develops schools that focus on the whole child through the rigors of academics, the balance of physical education and socio-emotional support. Our global network offers a range of curriculums including the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), Advanced Placement, GCSE program, and provincial curriculums guiding students to top-tier universities around the world.

BEG embraces and celebrates diversity, with students from over 52 different nationalities. Together, we strive to build a globally connected community of internationally minded students pioneering connectivity, creativity and character.

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