United Arab Emirates: BHM Capital, a leading financial institution in the UAE’s capital markets, and Riyad Capital, a prominent financial institution in Saudi Arabia, are pleased to announce their partnership in the field of Market Making. This strategic collaboration aims to leverage the expertise of both entities to enhance liquidity and further strengthen the financial markets in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region. Additionally, this cooperation has led to announcing Riyad Capital as one of the very few approved Market Makers going live by Tadawul in the Saudi market.

The GCC region is witnessing rapid economic growth, and its financial markets are becoming increasingly vibrant. As key players in the financial services industry, BHM Capital and Riyad Capital recognize the immense potential for mutual growth and development through this partnership. By joining forces, they seek to optimize trading operations, provide a more diverse range of financial instruments, and foster a more efficient capital market ecosystem.

Under this Market Making partnership, BHM Capital and Riyad Capital will combine their extensive market knowledge, advanced trading technologies, and expansive networks to offer enhanced liquidity to market participants, which will lead to more efficient price discovery. The collaboration is set to create a more stable and transparent trading environment, attracting domestic and international investors alike driving further investment into the region.

"We are proud to forge this landmark partnership with Riyad Capital," said Abdel Hadi Al Sadi, CEO of BHM Capital. "This alliance reflects our commitment to enhancing the financial landscape in the GCC region by providing innovative market-making solutions."

Mr. Abdullah Al Khalifah, Managing Director - Brokerage & Alternative Channels Department of Riyad Capital, added, "Through this strategic collaboration, we aim to strengthen our position as leading financial institutions in Saudi Capital Market, while also driving the growth and development of our businesses.


About BHM Capital Financial Services:

BHM Capital is a leading private joint stock company listed in the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and regulated by the UAE Securities and Commodities Authority providing services to individual and corporate investors. Since its establishment, it has been one of the top-ranked firms in the countrys financial markets and a pioneer in financial technology, making it a regional leader in providing essential tools for corporate and individual clients.

For more information, please visit: www.bhmuae.ae

About Riyad Capital:

Riyad Capital is a prominent financial institution licensed by the Saudi Arabian Capital Market Authority as a Capital Market Institution and is headquartered in Saudi Arabia. With a comprehensive suite of financial services, including investment banking, brokerage and asset management, Riyad Capital is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and driving excellence in the Saudi Arabian financial industry.”

For more information, please visit: www.riyadcapital.com