Arloid Automation has formed new partnerships with three companies across the Middle East – Intech Smart Buildings, Fixit facilities management, and Smart Energy Savings - in a bid to drive down energy consumption using artificial intelligence (AI). This is particularly important with a looming energy crisis, increasingly scarce resources and eye-wateringly high bills.

Intech Smart Buildings is a global technology company that provides sustainable technology solutions to the challenges their clients face. With a passion for innovation and the achievement of cost savings alongside enhanced service quality, has proven the ideal partner for growth. Together, Intech and Arloid are enabling businesses in the Middle East to achieve better performance, safeguarding their sustainability in both economic and environmental terms.


Arloid has also partnered with Fixit, a facilities management company passionate about helping businesses in the Middle East harness cutting-edge technology to improve the way they maintain their properties. Premium property management solutions require the best optimisation technologies. Arloid is paving the way for a decarbonised UAE and GCC future that drives real-world results, and this new partnership reflects these ambitions.

Finally, Arloid has partnered with Smart Energy Savings (SES). Providing temporary and medium term power solutions to businesses across the Middle East, SES is focused on maximising performance and profitability, whilst minimising resource use. To this end, they have installed the first off-grid hybrid power plant in Saudi Arabia which is expected to reduce CO2 emissions in the region.

Marwan Baassiri, Managing Partner, of facilities management company Sigma Integrated Technical Services L.L.C in Dubai spoke about their partnership with Arloid, “We trust the technology and people behind Arloid, and together we’ll change a vision into reality.”

In another partnership Javier Aguado La Iglesia, Cloud Services Director at myCloudDoor which also operates across the Middle East said, “We are always looking for the best innovative solutions for our customers. With Arloid Automation, AI based on Cloud, we help our customers to optimize their energy consumption, reducing costs and minimizing their carbon footprint.”

The surge in AI adoption across the UAE and the GCC reflects the fact that the Arloid solution is leading the cleantech curve. Through harnessing the power of Deep Reinforcement Learning and highly accurate building models, is able to achieve peak HVAC performance faster than other utilities’ optimisation technology. As a result, accessing 30% cost and energy savings is not a pipe dream but a tangible and present reality for Arloid’s clients.

In the Middle East alone, the potential of Arloid’s transformative solution has been gaining traction in cities and emirates across the region. Here, the built environment accounts for 70% of their total energy consumption, much higher than the global average as a result of extreme temperatures and conditions. The adoption of smart technology solutions is an urgent and critical stage in the UAE’s sustainability drive, and a range of recent partnerships demonstrate Arloid’s commitment to helping these countries do so.

Arloid’s AI technology is enabling businesses right across the globe to optimise their energy usage. Whatever the size, sector, and complexity of the building, Arloid Automation is the smart energy solution. By optimising the performance of heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) systems, boosts energy efficiency, cuts carbon emissions, and drives cost savings.

All of this is possible without any initial expenditure and within only 60 days. Through raising awareness for the importance of Net Zero and the impact HVAC can have on building energy consumption, Arloid Automation has succeeded in making a range of new client connections. As a result, the innovative AI is transforming a total of 2,229,700 square metres or 24,000,291 square feet of real-estate. In the UAE and GCC particularly, many businesses reliant on their HVAC have discovered the power of Arloid’s innovative AI to radically alter their relationship to energy. With global real estate responsible for 28% of total carbon emissions, this is another landmark in the journey to better and smarter building management.

The Arloid process works as follows:

  • A model of the building is created with pinpoint accuracy and precision, in line with real-world data on construction, HVAC device locations, weather, occupancy, and much more.
  • The building model is calibrated through thousands of solutions mimicking the course of a year. During this time, the AI learns what peak performance means in a range of environmental conditions.
  • Once implemented, the AI proactively manages HVAC devices in a multitude of thermal micro zones. This segregation of the building into distinct zones allows the AI to achieve nuanced, highly accurate control.
  • Through this methodology, Arloid Automation is able to achieve energy savings of up to 30% for buildings at a range of scales and complexities – all within 2 months.

For businesses across the world the impact of the global energy crisis is causing them to seek Net Zero as a sustainable imperative, but achieving this target is not an easy task. Arloid’s cutting-edge AI solution is showing those in the UAE, the UK, and beyond that better energy management and utility bill reduction is within reach.