Dubai, UAE: Aramex (DFM: ARMX), a leading global provider of comprehensive logistics and transportation solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Omniful, a pioneering provider of supply chain execution & planning technologies. This collaboration is set to revolutionize Aramex's offerings with the integration of Omniful's advanced Order Management System (OMS), which will cater to the diverse needs of Aramex's e-commerce fulfillment clients globally across various sizes, industries, and business models.

Omniful's feature-rich and robust OMS is tailored to enhance operational efficiencies and streamline inventory, orders, and logistics data management in real time. This partnership enables Aramex to offer an adaptable and scalable OMS solution, ensuring that each client, regardless of their operational complexity, receives a tailored service that best meets their needs.

Commenting on the partnership, Fadi Azzi, Global Director - Logistics at Aramex, said: "Integrating Omniful's OMS will allow us to integrate through tens of marketplaces and brand websites globally and enabling better dark store services, thereby further differentiating our fulfillment services in e-commerce and retail. Omniful is a regional startup with experience in the Middle East, and we identify them by their speed and agility in handling new projects, which aligns well with Aramex's plans for growth in warehousing and fulfillment. We are now ready to provide enhanced services to our clients who require flexible plug-and-play omnichannel integration into all e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to handle their dynamic B2C and B2B market demands."

Mostafa Abolnasr, CEO and Co-founder of Omniful stated: "We are excited to see our disruptive OMS product being utilized at scale with a global logistics leader like Aramex. Our platform's flexibility and scalability are designed to support diverse business models, making it the perfect fit for Aramex's broad and varied client base. This partnership is not just about enhancing capabilities; it's about transforming how global e-commerce fulfillment is managed."

The initial rollout of Omniful's OMS will commence in strategic markets within the Middle East and North Africa, with a global expansion to follow across USA, Europe & Asia. This phased deployment ensures that every client benefits from a tailored approach to their unique logistical challenges.


About Aramex:

Aramex, established 40 years ago, has emerged as a global leader in logistics and transportation, renowned for its innovative services tailored to businesses and consumers. As a listed company on the Dubai Financial Market (DFM) and headquartered in the UAE, our strategic location facilitates extensive customer reach worldwide, bridging the gap between East and West.

With operations in 600+ cities across 70+ countries, Aramex employs over 16,000 professionals. Our success is attributed to four distinct business products that provide scalable, diversified, and end-to-end services for customers. These products are:

  1. International Express, encompassing Aramex's Parcel Forwarding Business (Shop & Ship and MyUS).
  2. Domestic Express
  3. Freight Forwarding
  4. Logistics & Supply Chain Solutions

Sustainability is at the core of our vision and mission. To build a truly sustainable business, we leverage our core competencies to make a positive impact as responsible members of the communities we serve. Through partnerships with local and international organizations, we strive to expand our reach and benefit more individuals through targeted programs and initiatives. To address environmental concerns and combat climate change, we have committed to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), renowned globally. This commitment propels us to accelerate our climate action goals, aiming for Carbon-Neutrality by 2030 and Net-Zero emissions by 2050.

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About Omniful:

Omniful is a Supply Chain Execution & Planning software provider, specializing in AI-powered solutions that optimize retail and e-commerce operations. Founded in 2022, Omniful is based in GCC with offices in Riyadh (KSA), Jeddah (KSA), Abu Dhabi (UAE), Beirut (Lebanon) and Gurgaon (India). Omniful offers a suite of products that include:

  1. Order Management System
  2. Warehouse Management System
  3. Transportation Management System

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