Dubai, UAE:  Amsaan Accessible Tours (AAT), a trailblazer in inclusive tourism for Deaf and hard-of-hearing travellers, has launched its website and mobile app, designed to revolutionise the travel experience for Deaf tourists, offering accessibility, convenience, and inclusivity like never before. AAT aims to be a significant contributor to the UAE’s National Tourism Strategy 2031 that targets a GDP of $122.6 billion by 2031.

The Amsaan Accessible Tours website offers a user-friendly interface and is fully adapted for sign language to serve the 1.5 billion individuals globally, who experience varying degrees of hearing impairment. It serves as a platform to book tours and connect with sign language-fluent AAT staff. Sign language videos in British and International Sign Languages are available on the site, allowing Deaf users to access information easily. After booking a tour, tourists can access a deaf-friendly mobile app for on-the-go assistance. Travellers can also initiate direct messages via social media for prompt sign language support, ensuring a seamless experience.

The Amsaan Tours mobile app is the ultimate travel companion for Deaf travellers, designed to enhance their journeys and ensure safety and convenience. It offers a range of features that put accessibility and communication at travellers' fingertips, making travel smoother and more enjoyable. These features include access to sign language interpreters via video, ensuring effective communication even during tasks like bargaining with market vendors. The app facilitates easy connection with guides and tour information including itineraries, schedules, and leisure activities, available in sign language and accessible from anywhere. Additionally, the app features an accessibility map, highlighting locations such as restaurants, souvenir shops and more, with sign language interpreter services.

Vitalii Potapchuk, Co-founder of Amsaan Project commented: "Accessibility and inclusivity are not mere buzzwords, but the very foundation of Amsaan Accessible Tours. To promote the UAE as one of the top 10 global tourist destinations, we have meticulously designed the Amsaan Tours website and mobile app to ensure that Deaf travellers can plan, book, and savour their journeys without encountering any communication barriers. Our app serves as a reliable companion, enabling travellers to communicate conveniently and securely. We are committed to bridging this gap with our diverse team who is well-versed in eight sign languages and making an inclusive tourism ecosystem for the global Deaf community."

Deaf travellers encounter language barriers, limited written communication, and a lack of sign language interpreters at tourist spots. Inaccessible information, communication difficulties, awareness gaps among providers, transport issues, exclusion from tours, and booking problems add to their challenges. Oversight of the accessible tourism market has resulted in a staggering loss of US$150 billion and 70% of respondents to an Expedia survey said that they would opt for a more inclusive travel choice, even at a higher cost. This highlights the importance of companies like AAT, who has established several partnerships including with the Department of Economy and Tourism Dubai to provide diverse and accessible services for Deaf travellers.

Majed Al Bloushi, Relationship Manager at AAT said: "Being an Emirati and a Deaf employee at AAT, I am proud to be part of an organisation that is breaking down barriers and making the UAE a truly inclusive travel destination. This collaboration showcases our commitment to making tourism accessible to everyone, including Deaf travellers, and it's a step toward building UAE more diverse and inclusive."

For more information, visit Amsaan Accessible Tours or get the Amsaan Tours mobile application on iOS and Android.

About Amsaan Accessible Tours

Amsaan Accessible Tours is a first destination management company based in Dubai, whose primary mission is to foster an inclusive tourism ecosystem tailored to Deaf individuals and people with hearing loss. With a strong reputation in the industry, they are recognized for their expertise in accessible travel for the Deaf community and their profound knowledge of the region. Through strategic partnerships with B2B segments, the company offers a comprehensive range of services, including visa support, transportation assistance, an extensive selection of accessible hotels, and an enticing array of unique tours and excursions. Moreover, Amsaan Accessible Tours takes pride in curating captivating and personalised tour packages, providing travellers with unforgettable experiences.