This step comes within the framework of the company's plans to provide everything that is distinct and unique with creative designs that combine the fragrance of history and the highest arts of international architecture.

For his part, Abdullah Al Qamzi, Chairman of the Emirati Al Qamzi Group and a partner in the company’s projects in Egypt, said: “We are confident in the ability of the Egyptian economy to grow and attract more serious investments, especially in the real estate development sector, which is expected to witness a major boom in the near future. Therefore, we have been keen to pump about 1.6 billion pounds into the Egyptian market since 2018, adding new lands to the portfolio, in addition to studying the most appropriate areas for expansion.”

Sami Al Naqbi, Head of the Economic Affairs Section at the UAE Embassy in Cairo, also affirmed the embassy's continued support for any partnership between the Emirati and Egyptian side, which emphasizes the depth of interdependence between the two peoples on the one hand, and contributes to advancing the Egyptian economy with distinct projects worthy of both sides.

Yasser Zidan, CEO of the Al Qamzi Developments, a leading real estate development company, said: “The designs of Eastshire Compound are characterized by creativity, uniqueness and attention to the smallest details, in implementation of our promise to provide everything that is distinctive and new, and to achieve what we hope for in a high-end architecture characterized by attractiveness and sophistication. And privacy, the company has enlisted the help of creative youth who are able to create ambitious visions, and work to maximize our values ​​to achieve commitment, quality, safety and luxury at the best prices.”

AlQamzi Developments indicated that it will be built on only 18% of the total area of ​​the compound, and the percentage of green spaces and landscapes among the units represents the largest proportion of the project to provide complete privacy, in addition to allocating many service areas that meet all needs and ensure that the client remains in the heart of the communities High-end residential, representing 10% of the area allocated for construction, and includes shops, restaurants, cafes, pharmacies and offices.

Zidan added that Egypt has recently witnessed a real estate revolution and a real urban renaissance, praising the role of the state as the first and main supporter of the real estate development sector, believing in the sector’s ability to contribute to economic and social development, explaining that Egypt witnessed national projects that were implemented with the help of hands. Egyptian and in a civilized and different way.

AlQamzi Developments was established in 2010 to combine the experiences of the Egyptian and Emirati partners represented in the experience of the Emirati side in the field of transportation, contracting and infrastructure, and the proven efficiency of the Egyptian partner in the field of contracting.