In order to enhance the development of legal awareness among business owners, private sector establishments, and society members in general, the Ajman Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) organized a new legal seminar entitled "Corporate and Business Tax" in cooperation with the Arab Institute for Accountants & Legal (AIAL), as part of the series of legal seminars.

The seminar was attended by participants from government agencies, business owners, entrepreneurs, jurists, and those interested in the title of the seminar.

The seminar presented by the lecturer, Ahmed Adel, dealt with the nature of the "Corporate and Business Tax", the limits of its implementation and the applicable rates, the exempted and taxable persons, the tax base of companies and family enterprises, how to calculate taxable income, the organizing decision to determine the tax residency and the most prominent definitions related to the law.

The lecturer gave an explanation about the objectives of the tax and its role in strengthening the UAE's position as a leading global center for business and investment, accelerating the pace of development, and renewing commitment to meeting international standards of tax transparency and preventing harmful practices.

For his part, Abdullah Omar Al Marzouqi, Executive Director of the Membership Transactions and Legal Services Division at the ACCI, stressed the importance of the legal seminar and its role in educating business owners about the tax procedures law and the amendments it includes.

He explained that the Ajman Chamber is keen to offer specialized legal seminars in cooperation with its strategic partners, with a view to providing platforms for explaining and interpreting laws and legislations related to the business sector, especially those related to taxes, as well as responding to inquiries and questions at the hands of experts and specialists, to ensure the growth and sustainability of the businesses of Ajman Chamber member companies and factories.

Abdullah Al Marzouqi stated that the Ajman Chamber aims to permanently update its legal services and launch new proactive services that keep pace with the aspirations of members and ensure the provision of a legal and economic environment supportive of the business development of private sector establishments, in addition to providing an attractive and encouraging investment environment.

He stressed that the series of legal seminars organized by the Ajman Chamber represents a platform for direct communication between the Ajman Chamber and business owners and investors to obtain their views and development proposals in the development of legal services provided by the Ajman Chamber to the business community in the emirate.