Muscat: ahlibank has partnered with Visa, the world leader in digital payments, to launch its Business Debit Card catered to its Corporate & SME clients.

The new Visa debit card will provide the Corporate & SME sector round-the-clock access to the company’s account, with convenient and easy-to-use payment options, with higher spending limits. It will facilitate quicker transactions and empower Corporate & SME clients to conduct business without facing any financial delays or mismanagement that is commonly associated with the direct handling of cash. Account holders will also have the option of separating company and personal expenses and enjoy transparency in their business operations.

Heralding ahlibank’s partnership with Visa as a prominent landmark in Oman’s growing business horizon, Hana Al Kharusi, General Manager of Corporate Banking, ahlibank, said, “This partnership will augment our ongoing initiatives targeting the corporate and SME sector. It will instil an element of financial confidence in the sector, while demonstrating our intent to assist and support our customers with relevant financial interventions. We have, over the years, established our commitment to serve our business clients with viable products and services, and this partnership will corroborate our endeavours to foster and facilitate sustainable growth with an enhanced portfolio of banking solutions.”

“We continue to rely on market trends and customer feedback to assess immediate and future needs of our customers and, accordingly, improve our products to meet specific requirements. This partnership will act as a toolkit to shape the growth trajectory of businesses in the country; it will generate business opportunities and cultivate a dynamic economic environment, serving both SMEs and our Corporate Banking clients,” she added.

Manish Gautam, Visa’s Country Manager for Oman, said, “For SMEs and corporates in Oman to thrive, it is critical that important elements of doing business, such as expense management are managed with efficiency and transparency to avoid mismanagement, fraud and other errors, which are often costly. We are therefore delighted to partner with ahlibank to introduce a Business Debit Card targeting the Corporate & SME sector in the country; it will equip them with the requisite tools necessary for growth. This new Visa business debit card supports the Oman government’s digitization efforts and reflects our committed to extending the benefits of digital commerce to more businesses in the country.”

The Bank will leverage its Business Visa Debit Card to encourage smooth transition from cash to digital payments and to provide solutions that help the SME and corporate sector to plan, budget and track their spending. It will further bolster these sectors with better controls to track expenditures and stay abreast of the market trends, in line with the country vision to move to a cash-less society and enhance digitization of financial economy.

ahlibank has continued to strengthen its focus on technical and digital aspects to improve its customer experience, by enhancing features on the ‘Ahli B2B’ and Corporate Online Banking platform ‘AhliNet’, providing greater flexibility and more convenient banking services. ahlibank continues to expand its Point Of Sale (POS) offering supported by AFS, the leading payment and technical solutions provider in the Middle East and Africa region and implementing the Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) system, which allows customers to remotely scan and deposit cheques, instead of visiting the bank's branches on a daily basis.