Muscat: In acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions made by its female staff, ahlibank hosted a series of activities throughout October to spotlight the achievements of women within the organization.

As a resolute supporter of its workforce, with a particular focus on women, ahlibank is committed to fostering a positive and motivating work environment that upholds principles of fairness and equity. In October, the bank organized a workshop addressing the significance of work-life balance for its female employees. Additionally, on Omani Women’s Day, female staff members shared their success stories and achievements with colleagues. A dedicated cancer awareness session was also conducted to educate female employees about the dangers of cancer and ways to prevent it.

Jumana Al Hashmi, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communications at ahlibank, commended the female workforce for their outstanding accomplishments, stating, "ahlibank consistently supports its team in their pursuit of success. Our female employees, integral contributors to ahlibank’s standing in the competitive Omani market, have displayed remarkable achievements. We are dedicated to showcasing their successes and maintaining a stimulating, supportive work environment that fosters loyalty and a sense of belonging."

A notable aspect of ahlibank's commitment to gender diversity is the significant representation of women in leadership positions at the bank. Women within the bank actively contribute to strategic decision-making processes and play pivotal roles in driving the bank's business success. Their leadership and expertise have been instrumental in positioning ahlibank as a leader in the highly competitive Omani market.

ahlibank emphasizes the significant role played by its female employees, recognizing their hard work and determination as crucial factors in the bank's numerous successes. The well-being and support of these employees undoubtedly contribute to the overall development of the community as a whole.