IdealRatings and Foresight Consulting are pleased to announce a strategic partnership combining the  expertise of IdealRatings, providing ESG Data and services to some of the largest global institutions in the  world, coupled with Foresight Consulting’s strong regional experience in strategic advisory and business  transformations. This prominent partnership is to meet the increasing demand for ESG in Africa. IdealRatings  and Foresight Consulting plan to provide their services first in Egypt and then will expand to the rest of the  African countries.

Both partners realize the pressing need for businesses in Egypt and Africa to quickly align with ESG and  Sustainability Standards and Disclosure requirements that have become mainstream and mandatory in  developed markets, and soon in emerging markets. While businesses’ initial interest in ESG is often for  compliance purposes (regulators and investors), yet on the long-term, businesses realize and actualize the  benefits of integrating Sustainability policies by developing resilient and agile business models that improve  their bottom lines and assure its survival in good and worse.

As one of the top ESG provider around the globe, IdealRatings brings its extensive experience in ESG and  Sustainability Solutions and Data into this partnership. For over a decade, IdealRatings has been serving its  global clients with ESG related global data sets including different regulatory requirements in multiple markets  around the world.  

“As part of our focus on Emerging markets we plan to extend our coverage in Africa. The ESG reporting  nowadays is more complex with a broad spectrum of standards and specific regulatory requirements.  Companies are overwhelmed with various requirements and need help to understand them. We thought to  assist the companies in Africa with our expertise in ESG globally and we are excited to work with Foresight  Consulting with their immense expertise in consultancy in the region to expand our services in Africa.  Together we will support the region with the needed ESG expertise to help African companies to set their  ESG strategies and facilitate the complexity of ESG reporting.” said Mohamed Donia, IdealRatings CEO. 

With over 25 years of experience, Foresight Consulting has emerged to become a leading consulting firm with an eminent expertise across the different industries and practices. Foresight Consulting capitalizes on the  distinguished and diverse experiences of its professional team with a tenacious drive to deliver world-class  solutions. Foresight Consulting devotes its team and expertise to tailor effective and practical advisory  solutions and transfer best practices across industries to its clients. Across 1000+ projects, Foresight

Consulting has developed a distinguished multidisciplinary approach to advise and consult on different  business matter. Foresight Consulting is committed to sustainable growth with a mission to drive strategic  impact for its clients, partners, people, and community.

“ESG is gaining significance in today’s world as companies have the responsibility to accomplish positive  actions towards building a more sustainable future. We believe that IdealRatings with its various ESG data  sets that include more than 500 indicators powered with the extensive expertise of Foresight Consulting will  equip and empower businesses in Egypt and Africa with all data, tools, and solutions to derive an ESG baseline, assess where they are today against regulations and their peers, and further formulate an ESG  strategy going forward” said Hatem Zaazou, Hatem is the Founder and CEO of Foresight Consulting.


About Ideal Ratings, Inc .

IdealRatings is a leading financial data and technology provider that empowers global asset managers, asset  services, financial institutions, and asset owners with extensive global ESG data coverage and an array of  responsible investment solutions. IdealRatings provides its world-class clients with innovative data services,  analytical tools, and reports for a global universe of equities, fixed income, and REITs with a mission to enable  responsible investments worldwide. IdealRatings’ state of the art technology infrastructure offers over 10  million data points for diverse instruments backed by an experienced research team, proprietary methodology  and robust guidelines customization engine.

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About Foresight Consulting

For over 25 years Foresight Consulting has amassed a vast and relevant experience in dealing with esteemed  corporations completing over 1000 successful projects. Over the years, Foresight Consulting’s core offering  has been providing business strategy and commercial advisory. Foresight has now partnered with  IdealRatings to deliver world class ESG & Sustainability solutions. Foresight boasts unrivaled expertise in the  Egyptian market, a keen eye for detail and a passionate team providing a strong platform for successful  planning, project management and execution in over 22 sectors and fields. With services ranging from  developing corporate strategic directions, concept development, customer experience journey and  commercial strategy to project launches and ongoing implementation support with a tenacious team of  international caliber consultants managing these engagements to achieve unmatched results.  

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