19 September 2016
Kuwait - Launched by Al Mal Investment Company (KPSC), Takharoj is the region's first web-based application that connects minority investors in Unlisted Securities to offer them big investment privileges in a variety of functions, such as management, representation, policy-making and selling shares. A first-of-its-kind online platform, Takharoj allows the voice of minority shareholders in Unlisted Securities to be heard, empowering them to gain more value from their minority shares in return.

Commenting on the launch of Takharoj, Abdul Wahab Al Mutawa, Board Member and Chief Executive Officer of Al Mal Investment Company (KPSC): "Takharoj's objective is to group like-minded minority shareholders and aid them in becoming part of a sizeable shareholding block to negotiate optimal outcomes. Al Mal Investment Company (KPSC) employs a team of high caliber financial experts dedicated to analyzing the shares of minority investors and proposing ideal short-term and long-term solutions to maximize the value of the shareholding block." The proposed solutions will cater to minority investors who lack control of their investments, whose voices are not heard, whose share value is either stuck or stagnating, or who have a hard time getting valuable financial information or return.

Abdul Wahab Al Mutawa added: "Introducing Takharoj highlights our ongoing commitment to deliver products that not only are innovative but also cater to the market's needs." Clients only need to upload their basic investment information on the secure, user-friendly web-portal so that Takharoj can act on their behalf and in their best interest. The website is designed to guarantee complete confidentiality, meaning no one is able to distort any information that has been uploaded or have access to other investors' information. Al Mal Investment Company (KPSC) is listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange, and is licensed and regulated by the Capital Market Authority and the Central Bank of Kuwait. It implements and adopts the highest level of ethical standards, internal controls and corporate governance practices.

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