In response to the flooding that severely impacted various neighbourhoods in Sharjah due to the recent record rains, hundreds of social workers and volunteers are working round the clock, demonstrating the power of community bonding in during such times.

A group of 70 volunteers, led by Mundir Kalpakanchery, have been working tirelessly to provide essential aid to residents stranded by the floods. Their collective efforts have been instrumental in delivering much-needed relief to those affected by the unprecedented rainfall that struck the region on April 16.

With their primary focus on addressing immediate needs, the volunteers have been distributing food packets. “The packets contain essential items such as biryani, fruits, snacks, and water. Since the onset of the flooding, the availability of supplies has been severely limited,” said Mundir.

The volunteers have been navigate through flood-affected areas in SUVs, making multiple trips each day to deliver provisions directly to residents' doorsteps. “We coordinate with the residents via WhatsApp, and they tell us their requirements, which allows us to meet specific needs of them,” he added.

However, the task of reaching residents living on higher floors presents a unique challenge. “We have devised solutions, such as providing ropes to enable residents to lower bags for filling. This approach not only ensures that aid reaches those living in elevated apartments but also support among neighbors,” said Muzammil Kondanath, another volunteer who has been working continuously.

Despite the ongoing challenges posed by the flooding, the volunteers remain committed to their mission of providing assistance to those in need. This is evident in their willingness to explore alternative methods of aid delivery, such as using ropes to distribute food packets to residents on higher floors.

In addition to delivering essentials, the volunteers also play a vital role in fostering a sense of unity among the community. “By aiding multiple households, we ensure that resources are distributed efficiently and that no one is left behind during this challenging time,” said Mohammed Shareef, who has been on the ground since April 19.

With the ongoing flooding and authorities continuously clearing the water, “It is becoming a lot easy for us in many neighbourhoods to provide food packets. Many restaurants and groceries are closed in these areas and residents await us every morning, and evening for breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” said Shareef.

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