As the mercury begins its gradual increase welcoming the summer warmth, residents across the country are seizing the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities, especially sports tournaments.

Today in Dubai, residents can expect a relatively mild day with temperatures ranging between 19ºC and 29ºC. However, looking ahead to the next week, there is anticipation for a noticeable uptick in temperatures, with a projected increase of nearly 3ºC to 7ºC in maximum temperatures. As mid-April approaches, the forecast indicates a significant rise in temperatures, with lows starting at 26ºC and highs soaring up to 32ºC.

This gradual warming trend signals the onset of the hotter months as Dubai transitions from mild spring weather to the sweltering heat of summer, prompting residents to prepare for the rise in mercury levels with no outdoor activity.

In recent weeks, stadiums and fields have been abuzz with various sports tournaments. Athletes of all ages have been seen showcasing their skills and competing in football, cricket and volleyball.

Abdul Hameed, a cricket enthusiast and resident of Al Nahda, said that these are the last days of outdoor sporting activities as temperatures in UAE are slowly on the rise. “These are the last days to get involved with sporting activities outdoors. From next month, we will be indoors as the temperatures are going to rise," he said, highlighting the imminent shift from outdoor to indoor activities in response to the soaring temperatures.

“During winter months, we have at least three tournaments scheduled with eight teams competing against each other, but this season, it was just one in December and we have another now,” said Abdul Hameed.

As the transition from spring to summer unfolds, it's not just club teams but also companies in the UAE that are seizing the opportunity to organize sporting tournaments for their employees.

One such company is ServeHub, a facilities management company that organizes cricket tournaments every year. “The holy month of Ramadan fell during the winter months and it was difficult for us to host the tournament. We read about the weather transition in the news and decided to host the matches, along with iftar and prayers,” said Vani Mendon, General Manager at ServeHub, adding that they ensured employees could participate in both sporting activities and religious observances.

As many as 70 employees of the company were divided into four teams, where 6 matches were held at the JMR stadium in Al Batayeh in Sharjah.

“The cricket tournament not only serves as a platform for friendly competition but also fosters strong bonds among our employees outside of the workplace. Investing in employee bonding through initiatives like the cricket tournament aligns with our commitment to employees well-being,” said Mendon.

Another company embracing the spirit of employee bonding and engagement is AMACO, a startup for automation in managing Air conditioning usage.

“We sought to make the most of the favourable weather transition and host the tournament,” said Ahmed Saboor, Managing Director at AMACO.

“Our employees of the company were divided into five teams, competing in a series of thrilling matches. As it is a newly launched company, the cricket tournament provides a platform for friendly competition and teamwork among our employees,” said Saboor.

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