SHARJAH: H.H. Dr. Sheikh Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, commended Sharjah's clubs on their performances in the ADNOC Pro League for 2023–2024 season. He offered Kalba Club a stadium on cooler mountain peaks at an elevation of 850 feet above sea level and Khorfakkan Club another stadium at 900 feet.

H.H. underlined the importance of club insignia that represent the identity of their respective towns, while also emphasizing Sharjah residents. He also presented the "Sharjah Scientific Complex" project, which would house 10,000 books personally acquired by H.H. and showcase history, arts, and sciences in an innovative way.

In a phone call on Sharjah Radio and TV's "Direct Line" programme, His Highness Sheikh Dr Sultan bin Mohammed Al Qasimi said, "We congratulate the Sharjah clubs that managed to endure in the ADNOC Pro League. There will be awards for this performance. Some have received their awards, while others are awaiting them. We are currently working to establish these clubs. Kalba Club is undergoing substantial improvements, beginning with the surrounding roadways and eventually elevating the entire region as a reward. I watched Kalba Club's matches and contacted them at the stadium, but despite their best efforts, luck was not on their side.

"'We hope that those who stumble will work harder. "I guarantee Kalba a stadium on the cold mountain peaks at an elevation of 850 feet above sea level, with a temperature differential of around 10 degrees and humidity-free conditions, all of which influence performance."

His Highness stated, "Khorfakkan Club is located in a hot location with mountains; therefore, we will build another stadium in Khorfakkan City at an altitude of 900 feet."

The club's emblems must reflect and well represent the city to which it belongs, beginning with its name and continuing with the care and preservation of the city's legacy. A notable example of this is the TV station 'Al Wousta from Al Dhaid'. When we created the channel, I asked those in charge, 'Is there anything left of their heritage, music, and customs that the channel does not cover?' They replied that everything was included. We remark in this regard, "The Bedouin culture is inseparable from its people." We preserve it to the point that if a broadcaster deviates from the local dialect, we urge him to talk only in the local dialect. Fortunately, the Al Wousta channel is well-known and has fans throughout Libya and Egypt's Western Desert. We encourage the administrative organisations in the emirate's clubs to prioritise citizens, telling them, 'Our citizens come first.'

Regarding the Sharjah Scientific Facility, H.H. stated, "The role of the complex is clear from its name,'scientific.'" The Sharjah Scientific Facility uniquely represents heritage and the arts. It serves a different purpose than the 'Dr Sultan Al Qasimi Centre,' which houses records and other items, such as photos. The Sharjah Scientific Complex houses volumes that are one metre high and less than a metre broad. Visitors may sit in the rest area-style facility, easily search for what they need, and get a printed copy of any requested page before departing.

“The facility is located on the right side, after the Institute for Heritage roundabout and before the entrance to Al Qasimia University.” The Ruler of Sharjah went on to state, "I personally collected the volumes of the Sharjah Scientific Complex, which totaled 10,000 volumes."

Following the devastating fire at the Egyptian Scientific Institute in Cairo on December 17, 2011, I felt compelled to help. I donated 10,000 volumes to replenish the lost resources. My hope, as I told them, was for the fire's impact to be completely erased and for the institute to rise again, stronger than ever." "We wish everyone prosperity."