Food is a basic necessity, and we make daily decisions to ensure we eat healthily and stay nourished. However, many of us with a hectic schedule find it challenging to organise, prepare, and cook food daily. In such a situation, meal plan services are the best solution.

A meal plan subscription service includes pre-measured ingredients and other items needed to prepare healthy meals at home. Often these plans also include recipe cards, images, and directions to make the entire process as simple and delicious as possible. You can choose from various meal plans in Dubai that are both delicious and healthy and delivered to your doorstep.

Meal kits resolve many common household cooking problems and address the issue of what's for dinner. They offer more variety and introduce you to new flavours and cuisines that may be more interesting than your regular dinners. They also reduce the time required to plan, shop, and prepare meals, which are frequently more complicated than cooking.

Dubai is the most preferred destination for expats. In the city, several meal plans companies have grown, evolved, and improved over the last decade. Whatever your nutritional needs are, there's a high likelihood you'll find something that works. Yet, the question is – are they worth it? You might consider a meal plan subscription for some of the reasons mentioned here:

Have you ever considered a plant-based diet but needed help figuring out where to start? Or you may want to attempt the keto or pescatarian diet, but you need some tried-and-reliable dishes to get you started. That is when a meal kit subscription can be helpful. It is easier to modify your dietary behaviours and try out a new eating regime with a meal kit that is ideal for a variety of eating patterns.

A meal kit can be a healthier option if fast food, takeaway, or delivery is your go-to option on busy nights. At restaurants, you cannot possibly know what you are eating, or control portion sizes as they provide unnecessarily large portions and also include high-calorie items that are difficult to detect. Meal kit services can resolve this issue as you know what you are eating and have complete control over it.

Meal kit providers cannot afford to provide their consumers with substandard or ruined food due to the intense competition in the market. These businesses put forth a lot of effort to find dependable sources of high-quality ingredients. Therefore, food quality is superior and is never a problem.

You can avoid going to the grocery shop by having all the supplies delivered to your door. If you don't like being out in public or don't have the resources to get to a big store, this is a significant burden off your shoulders. In some instances, lack of time also prohibits you from visiting the grocery shop.

Not going to the food store may also turn out to be cost-effective. When you go shopping, you're more likely to make impulse purchases because everything is displayed. With a meal plan subscription, you can be sure that you are just receiving what you require.

Many people believe that the comfort of meal kit delivery services is not environmentally friendly. That could have been the case initially. However, over time, businesses have realized the importance of sustainability and have made significant efforts to decrease their carbon footprint.

While meal kit packaging can be substantial, most of it is recyclable. However, regarding environmental impact, it is not only the packaging that is crucial. These services send pre-portioned supplies as part of meal subscription options, preventing food waste.

Most meal plan subscriptions offer a lot of flexibility in terms of when you can receive their supplies; some even let you modify the days in advance. Instead of a monthly or yearly fee, most meal plan memberships operate on a per-meal basis. As a result, you only receive meals when you request them.

Some people consume these meals more than once every week, while others prefer them only once or twice. These subscriptions are entirely flexible to your needs.

Meal plan subscriptions are not only excellent for convenience, but they're also terrific for improving your palate and teaching you new ways of cooking. Regardless of your dietary requirements, they provide you with a stress-free cooking experience and a great meal in the end.

You must evaluate the nutrition information panel and ingredients to confirm that your kit fulfills your requirements and is a healthy alternative to an exquisite restaurant meal. Meal kits decrease food waste as they contain pre-measured ingredients. Be sensible about how much cooking you want and how many portions a kit will provide, and then plan accordingly.

— Ayush is the content strategist at Tedfuel.

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