Enquiries and appointments at car repair shops across the UAE have seen a notable increase, with drivers in the Emirates seeking assistance for damages incurred during the recent rainfall.

“From flooded engines to compromised braking systems, the toll on vehicles has translated into unexpected repair costs for many,” said Sony Rajappan, automobile expert at Car Lynx located in Al Quoz.

As the rain swept through various regions, roads transformed into waterlogged paths, prompting drivers to navigate pools of water. Unfortunately, driving through puddles has proven costly for many.

“Many cars are stranded and vital components have taken a beating,” said Sony.

Many drivers got stuck unexpectedly in water pools when they drove through big puddles. “Driving in water pools might seem harmless, but it causes problems like engine issues and brake troubles and damage to important car parts." Bilal Ahmed, a mechanic at Rukn al Majaz workshop in Ras Al Khor.

“We have many motorists coming to us for braking issues, car tire liners wearing out, undercover damage and much more. Most of the cars are sedans and low-floor cars,” said Ahmed.

Experts highlight that the reason behind numerous cars getting stuck in water pools is the tendency for drivers to accelerate heavily in an attempt to exit swiftly. “Several car manufacturers place their air filter inlets at a low position. If this inlet is submerged in water and the driver revs the engine, there's a risk of water being drawn into crucial components, potentially leading to engine seizing,” said Sony.

“In the latest car models, the circuit module for electric steering, electric parking, and brake sensors is positioned low, at tire level. If water penetrates this area, it can result in a malfunction, said Sony adding that this will lead to the replacement of many components.

Experts strongly advise residents against using low-floor cars such as sedans, hatchbacks, and convertibles during the rainy season. These vehicles, with their lower ground clearance, are more susceptible to water entering critical components, leading to potential damage.

Choosing higher-ground-clearance vehicles during this period can significantly reduce the risk of encountering issues associated with waterlogged roads, ensuring a safer and more reliable driving experience in adverse weather conditions.

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