Riyadh: The National Center for Environmental Compliance (NCEC) has released direct indicators for monitoring air quality that are updated every 5 minutes by obtaining data of 22 air components through 240 stations spread in the Kingdom regions.

The indications of air quality better inform the public when they can take the necessary precautions to avoid areas of low air quality.

The project supervisor at NCEC, Engineer Ali Al-Qarni, said that distribution of air quality monitoring stations is based on a mechanism that considers population density and the distribution of industrial cities and facilities with an environmental impact.

NCEC takes the necessary measures as soon as monitoring stations detect high indicators of air pollution, and deals with its source according to the executive regulations of the environmental system, Al-Qarni also said.

He added that, “We've created a website for the public that maps the locations of air monitoring stations in all regions of the Kingdom, to check air quality index. We will soon launch an application on mobile phones, to keep the public updated with the results of the stations directly, he also added."

Al-Qarni further added that part of the stations is mobile and can be distributed after identifying the neediest areas, with focusing on industrial cities which will receive periodic reports in order to maintain the air quality resulting from their development activities.