The guidelines for Indian passengers with a single name on their passports have been updated. According to a social media post by the Consulate General of India, Dubai (CGI), on Thursday, passengers will be allowed to board the flight provided they fulfil certain following conditions.

The rules apply to passengers with visit visas/those eligible for visa on arrival/employment and temporary visas. They are not applicable to existing UAE residents.

The CGI shared a circular issued by Air India and Air India Express to travel agents. According to the National Advance Information Centre – UAE, the amended guidelines are:

 If the visa is issued with more than one name and the passenger has the father's or family name mentioned in the second page, they will be allowed to continue the journey.

For passengers who are eligible for visa on arrival, the traveller must have father's or the family name mentioned in the second page.

The document says that “any passport holder with a single name (word) either in surname or given name will not be accepted by UAE immigration and the passenger will be considered as INAD" — a term which stands for inadmissible passenger.

The circular was sent out on Monday and the new rule was implemented immediately. Indian airlines like IndiGo also sent out similar notices. A call centre representative of Rayna Tours and Travels confirmed that the rule applied to visitors travelling on tourist visas on all airlines, including international ones.

Several tourists reported being turned away from the airport for having a single name on their passport. “A cousin of mine who had reached the airport to come to Dubai from Mangalore airport in India was told he couldn’t travel,” said Dubai-resident Zahra.