A new survey has said that 62 per cent of professionals in the UAE and Saudi Arabia are actively looking for a job or plan to look for one this year.

This will give rise to a competitive job market. However, it is also creates a space for scammers and fraudsters who may be on the lookout for desperate jobseekers.

There are some ways that you can protect yourself during the job hunt. Here are five methods you can use to stay safe:

1. Not using a work email ID

A possible red flag could be when a recruiter uses an email ID that does not belong to an organisation.

A scammer could be using a free email ID, like gmail or yahoo, to get in touch with people.

Legitimate recruiters reach out to people using their official email addresses which feature the organisation's name.

2. Reaching out randomly

If you have received an invitation for an interview or a job offer without having applied for it, then it is likely a scam.

A legitimate recruiter will only reach out to you if you have applied for a job at their organisation or if they have received your reference through someone you know.

3. Unusually high salary promised

If a job posting offers an unusually high salary from the get-go, you should take a second look. It may be possible that the 'recruiter' is attempting to lure people in by promising a big paycheck.

4. Grammatical errors

Just like any other scam, it is pertinent to look out for spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors as fraudsters may not be fluent in English or proofread the posts they make.

5. Asking for money

Fraudulent recruiters often ask applicants for some money under the guise of fees.

They may ask for money for other purposes too, such as visa issuance, which is illegal in the UAE.

A legitimate recruiter will not ask for money at any stage during the process of recruitment.

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