The UAE’s new visa regime, under which many new entry permits such as the golden visa, green, freelancer, multi-year tourist and many others visas were introduced, would meet the needs for talent for the new economy.

Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, said the mobility of talent is the fuel for the economy.

“For any businessman who wants to open a business in the future economy, the question is where he’ll find the talent. The new visa regime such as golden visa, green visa, freelancer visa and others are part of mobility and to take the economy forward,” he said.

The new economy is defined as new-age technologies such as AI, machine learning, Blockchain, IoT, automation, cryptocurrency, 3D printing among others.

The minister of the economy was speaking at the launch of the "Future 100" initiative to support 100 startups in new sectors that will shape the future economy of the UAE.

Ohood bint Khalfan Al Roumi, minister of state for government development and the future; and CEOs representing local and international companies, startups, as well as entrepreneurs in the UAE, also attended the launch event on Tuesday.

The UAE has been issuing golden visas, retirement visas, freelancer visas, and multiple entry tourist visa in order to attract the best talent from around the world. So far, thousands of people have obtained long-term golden visa.

“Immigration policies have had a great impact on mobility. Through the new visa regime, we want the best brain to come, live and work in the UAE. A flexible visa regime will help them enjoy the best quality of life that the UAE offers. There is talent available in the UAE and universities will also help fill the gap of new economy sectors,” he said, adding that Nextgen FDI and NextGen Talent initiatives by the Ministry of Economy will also play a key role in the new economy.