KHARTOUM, 19th July, 2016 (WAM)--The Foreign investment volume in Sudan increased to US$ 42 billion following a package of incentive measures to increase the flow of investments and encourage investment in transformational manufacturing, according to the Sudanese Minister of Investment Mudathir Abdul-Ghani.

In a statement issued today, he said that the government of Sudan has allowed investors to bring along their equipment, raw materials and techniques, rather than the transfer of funds to banks.

He noted that the government also allows investors to transfer their profits and returns of their investments, adding that the investors are allowed to open bank accounts in foreign currencies at commercial banks so that they can deposit money and withdraw them freely.

The Sudanese minister said that a number of industrial investment projects in Sudan over the past year amounted to 1,131 projects, of which 65 percent of them are operating in the capital Khartoum.

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