South Africa remains the most concerned country over unemployment, Ipsos, a market research company, said in its latest 27-country Global Advisor survey.

Worry about jobs has risen two points, with two-thirds calling it a “major issue affecting the country”, according to “What Worries the World” survey. Corruption had topped the list of concerns for South Africans in March 2021.

Meanwhile, concerns about financial and political corruption are also the highest among South Africans, where more than one in two people list it as a top issue.  

According to the Ipsos survey, 56% of South Africans cite crime and violence as an issue facing their country.

Only 24% of South Africans are concerned about inflation, which has topped the list of global concerns for the last four months.

However, 79 percent remain pessimistic about the country’s economic situation, the survey noted.

(Editing by Seban Scaria