DAKAR - Senegal will receive 115 million euros ($123 million) in financing from the Islamic Development Bank to secure petroleum products as it faces fuel shortages, the economy minister said on Friday.

"We are in a global context where there is a significant spike in petroleum products," said Senegalese minister Amadou Hott on the sidelines of the bank's annual meeting in Egypt.

"It is important to have a line of financing to be able to very rapidly continue to secure these products for the population," he said.

Senegal has been facing what the Energy Minister Sophie Gladima called a "tense supply situation" due to difficulties getting supplies from the global market.

A shortage of jet fuel in April forced airlines flying to and from Senegal to make refuelling stops elsewhere, and long queues have been seen at petrol stations in the capital Dakar. 

(Reporting by Diadie Ba; Writing by Nellie Peyton; Editing by James Macharia Chege)