DUBAI - The Green Planet and Dubai Safari Park announced a Partner Exchange Programme that aims to safely exchange fascinating animals throughout the year. The strategic movement of animals promotes high standards of animal care, welfare, and conservation-focused breeding initiatives through open dialogue and information sharing.

The first dispatch to arrive at The Green Planet at the end of April was a pair of red-handed tamarins. These resilient monkeys have adapted well to their new home and have been living harmoniously with several other species including a family of marmosets and a tamandua anteater.

Ahmad Hussain bin Essa, Chief Operating Officer of The Green Planet’s parent company Dubai Holding Entertainment, said, "I’m thrilled to announce our Partner Exchange Programme with Dubai Safari Park, which I believe is a positive step, not only for our destinations but also for our visitors. The strength of this partnership will drive the safe transition of animals between The Green Planet and Dubai Safari Park and will enable both adults, children, and families to observe and experience new and remarkable wildlife species."

Muna Abdelrazaq Abdelrahman Alhajeri, Head of Dubai Safari Park, added, "We look forward to forging a harmonious relationship with The Green Planet that will not only provide visitors with the opportunity to see more amazing species, but also enable us to create a pioneering conservation programme together that will lead the way in the Middle East and create a legacy that we hope will delight generations of wildlife lovers in the future."

The Green Planet welcomes the tamarins to its successful conservation breeding program that contributes to the survival of species. Over the recent Eid holiday, The Green Planet also welcomed a pair of cotton top tamarins, a relative species that is critically endangered and native to South America.

Known for their eye-catching coloured hands, red-handed tamarins are an arboreal primate native to north-east South America. They eat insects and fruit and can weigh approximately 500g, while growing to 25cms in length with tails of an additional 38cms. Found in the rainforests of Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana, red-handed tamarins have a life expectancy of around 20 years.

One of Dubai’s most popular attractions for residents and tourists, The Green Planet is a magnificent four-story bio-dome in City Walk, Dubai. The indoor tropical rainforest is filled with more than 3,000 plants and animals.

Stretching across 119 hectares and home to more than 3,000 animals, Dubai Safari Park opened in 2017 in Al Warqa. The beautiful park is split into five zones and has a strong commitment to conservation, education and sustainability.