JEDDAH — The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the beginning of registration and the fee structure of four packages for the domestic pilgrims for the Hajj of 2024. There will be four packages with charges ranging between SR4,099 and SR13,265.

Saudi citizens and expatriates in the Kingdom, who wish to perform the annual pilgrimage of Hajj, can apply through the Nusuk application and the ministry’s website through the link

The ministry revealed details of the four packages that are available for domestic pilgrims. The first package is available at a price of SR10,366.10 with allotment of camps that were designed to provide a high-end service and a comfortable level for pilgrims while the beneficiaries of the second package will be allotted hospitality camps in Mina at a price of SR8,092.55.

Pilgrims who opt the third package have to pay the highest fare, amounting to SR13,265.25 and they will get accommodation at one of the six towers in Mina that are located close to the Jamarat Bridge.

Domestic pilgrims will get services within the economic range under the fourth package at the lowest price of SR4,099.75. All the prices include value-added tax (VAT), but do not include transportation costs to and from Makkah by land or air.

The ministry clarified that transportation costs to and from Makkah will be added to the price of the first and second packages, while the cost of transportation in the Holy Sites of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah by the Mashair train or buses is added according to the location of the camp, in addition to the cost of transportation to and from the assembly points.

Under the third package, transportation between the Holy Sites will be via the Mashair train only. As for the fourth package the cost of transportation is added from the pilgrims’ residence in Makkah to the site of Mina to perform the stoning ritual at the Jamarat by traveling on board buses and then on board Mashair train on the days of Tashreeq (Dhul Hijjah 11, 12 and 13).

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