As the Holy Month of Ramadan nears its end, a navigation application has conducted a survey recording that more than half of Dubai's residents travel more during Ramadan than normal days.

The study, conducted by Yango Maps, sheds light on the commuting dynamics of navigation habits among residents during this sacred time.

According to its findings, 52 per cent of residents report an increase in travel during Ramadan compared to other times of the year. For many, Ramadan serves as an opportunity to connect with loved ones, increasing mobility throughout the city. When it comes to selecting modes of transportation, the majority opt for driving, while one in three residents prefer public transport or taxis, reveals the study.

The survey also highlighted that over 70 per cent of residents dedicate more time to family gatherings and exploring new places during Ramadan.

Khaleej Times asked a number of residents about their commute during the holy month. Most of them agreed to have travelled more than the rest of the year.

Increased family gatherings

Azamat Abdulov, an Uzbek residing in JLT, who runs a restaurant said that iftars are usually held with friends and family in their tradition. This means his family travels nearly every day for iftar elsewhere. “Many of my friends and family live in different parts of the city and in the UAE. As it is our tradition, we have to travel long distances for iftar,” said Abdulov.

“In the month of Ramadan alone, we travelled to Abu Dhabi thrice, Ras Al Khaimah once and Fujairah once for Iftar. During regular days, family outings are just once a week. However, during Ramadan, it’s a regular affair for most of us,” said Abdulov.

Trying out different cuisines

The study revealed that nearly half of the respondents (48 per cent) tend to dine out more frequently during the holy month. This is true for Faris Hamdan, a Syrian expat residing in JVC. “We rarely eat outside during normal days. But during Ramadan, it’s a habit to dine outside and then offer night prayers. Friends, family, and colleagues get togethers becomes a common affair, and mostly everyone prefers dining out,” said Hamdan.

“As I leave the office a few hours early, I get ample time during the holy month. But we all are pressed for time in other months. So, this is the best time to try out various cuisines to try,” added Hamdan.

Making most of Ramadan's sale

Shopping also emerges as a prominent activity during Ramadan, according to the survey, with 61 per cent of residents indicating an increase in shopping frequency.

According to Syed Hisham, a resident of Al Nahda, retail outlets have the best offers during the holy month and one can get deals on electronics, homeware, clothing, and much more.

“I have shopped in Ramadan most of my life because of the discounts and offers by most of the retailers. We try out different malls, discount outlets, and shopping centres in Dubai and Sharjah, which increases our commute,” said Hisham.

For some, night hangouts and praying in different mosques around the city is a major recreational activities. One such resident is Akram Khan, a Pakistani businessman residing in Al Maktoum Road in Deira.

4,000km distance covered in Ramadan

“Nearly every day, we offer our Taraweeh prayers at different mosques in Dubai. Post our prayers, its our peaceful time enjoying cool weather sipping karak at various locations,” said Khan.

“My mileage on the car has clocked nearly 4,000 kilometres during the holy month. On regular days its just 2,000 km as my commute is only to the office and home,” said Khan.

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