ABU DHABI - 42 Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital's innovative coding school that provides a unique peer-to-peer, gamified learning methodology, recently held a hackathon titled "AI See a Solution: Computer Vision Hackathon 2023".

The hackathon was held in collaboration with Al Hathboor Bikal.ai, a cutting-edge solutions provider dedicated to spearheading technological advancements for businesses and governments.

The two-day hackathon aimed to foster innovation and creativity among students by challenging them to harness the power of coding and solve real-world problems using AI.

The event kicked off with a workshop on the first day, focusing on Computer Vision using Python Frameworks, Python Libraries, Open-source Models, and Datasets. Through the workshop, students gained valuable insights and skills essential for the hackathon, ensuring they are equipped to tackle the challenge ahead.

The team who won first place, including Ahmed Salem, Ghaiath Abdoush, Shatha Jadallah and Nousheen Ali, developed 'Sawt AlRu'ya,' an application which utilises cutting-edge computer vision and AI technology to analyse live video streams, convert them into real-time textual descriptions, and seamlessly translate them into spoken words using a Large Language Model (LLM).

By providing immediate audio feedback, Sawt AlRu'ya empowers individuals with visual impairments to interact with their surroundings, effectively enhancing their daily lives and fostering inclusivity.

The second-place champions, including Avazbek Rashidov, Timur Mazitov, Zubaydullo Abdirakhmonov, and Nauman Munir, developed "Visulaw", a tool which empowers users to capture photos of objects and instantly receive location-specific information about relevant fines and laws associated with those objects.

This web application enhances user awareness and compliance with local regulations, fostering safer and more informed interactions with everyday objects.

Marcos Muller Habig, Acting CEO of 42 Abu Dhabi, said, "The hackathon empowered 42 Abu Dhabi's students to leverage their coding skills to develop advanced technologies which can drive meaningful change within the community. This cements our leading position as a talent incubator that is upskilling a new generation of coders equipped to accelerate the Emirate's digital transformation and positively impact society."

Raj Sandhu, General Manager of Al Hathboor Bikal.ai, said, "We are pleased to be part of the very first Computer Vision hackathon in collaboration with 42 Abu Dhabi. We extend our appreciation to the participants and 42 Abu Dhabi Faculty's unwavering support, and we look forward to future collaboration opportunities."

42 Abu Dhabi is an innovative and disruptive coding school, launched in 2020 as an initiative of ADEK to drive Abu Dhabi's ongoing development through multi-faceted investments in business, innovation, and people.