The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) recently launched a unique initiative aimed at raising and enhancing legal awareness among health professionals working across private health facilities in the emirate.

The initiative, which includes a series of awareness roadshows, started at Fakeeh University Hospital and will continue until the end of this year. The aim of the initiative is to help healthcare professionals comply with the legal and regulatory frameworks that govern healthcare practice in Dubai and the UAE.

This is the first phase of the initiative that aims to enhance compliance with health laws, regulations and legislation in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, to help further enhance the competitiveness of the health system in the Emirate.

The initiative aims to educate healthcare professionals on the most recent developments in legislation in the health sector in Dubai, and the importance of keeping up with those legislations. It discusses systems, policies and procedures that regulate the health sector in Dubai and ensures competitiveness and operational efficiency.

Dr. Ahmad Sulaiman, Director of Legal Affairs department at the DHA, highlighted the importance of the initiative, which reflects the authority's keenness to assist private health facilities in Dubai to provide an optimal healthy work environment that is compatible with all applicable laws and regulations, and ensures the preservation of the rights and privacy of patients as well as the rights of health professionals.

He said the awareness campaign aims at further improving the quality of health services and patients' experience.

Dr. Sulaiman said that the initiative, which is being implemented through a series of field visits, comprises of officials from the DHA’s Department of Legal Affairs and is taking place in coordination with the DHA’s Health Regulation Sector and private health facilities in the Emirate.

The team will carry out a series of visits across healthcare facilities to listen to the queries of health professionals, introduce them to the procedures that must be followed to avoid legal violations, discuss medical cases and complaints as well as clarify legal policies and processes.

By attending the legal training, healthcare professionals can ensure that they understand their legal obligations and can continue to provide safe and effective care to their patients with complete knowledge of healthcare policies and regulations in the country.