Dubai, today, witnessed an interactive workshop to envision the future of healthcare for 2030, enhancing the emirate's status and increasing its competitiveness in the international healthcare arena. The workshop aimed to meet the growing healthcare needs, providing high-quality services exceeding the expectations of Dubai residents, visitors, and health enthusiasts from within and outside the country.

The workshop saw a selection of local and international healthcare leaders, decision-makers, planners, policy-makers, and specialists participating, transforming into active and insightful interactive sessions enriched with a comprehensive range of innovative ideas. These ideas focused on elevating the level and efficiency of Dubai's healthcare system to align with the rapid and astounding transformations the emirate is witnessing towards the future.

During the workshop's opening, Awadh Seghayer Al Ketbi, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, stated that Dubai is one of the fastest-growing cities globally, underscoring the importance of owning an advanced, comprehensive healthcare system. He emphasised the ongoing plans and efforts to achieve this through a series of projects, initiatives, and developmental programs.

He further added that strategic planning at the authority, while based on thorough analysis of the present and precise foresight of the future, also relies on continuous interaction with the community to study its future needs optimally. It also depends on engaging with elite scientists, experts, and specialists, learning from successful global healthcare institutions, and exchanging experiences. He emphasised that all of this constitutes a toolkit on which the authority relies in its planning, policymaking, and implementation processes.

Al Ketbi stated, "In light of this, the Dubai Health Authority is keen on building relationships and fostering partnerships with major healthcare institutions within and outside the UAE. It also strives and works towards leveraging experiences and competencies in such regular and continuous interactive meetings and workshops it organises.

Fatima Abbas, CEO of the Strategy and Corporate Development Sector at the DHA, detailed that the discussion sessions focused on utilising the current healthcare services in Dubai optimally and finding innovative solutions to support healthcare providers in expanding services in need-based areas. Planning and enhancing healthcare services to align with health tourism requirements and attract more medical tourists to the emirate were also highlighted. Innovative plans for establishing distinguished healthcare centres in Dubai were emphasised.