DUBAI - On the sidelines of COP28, the UAEU-Seoul National University Climate Forum took place at the Legacy Theater within the “Greening Education Hub – Legacy from the Land of Zayed”.

The event was held in the presence of Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, Prof. Ghaleb Ali AlHadrami AlBreiki, Acting Vice Chancellor, United Arab Emirates University, and Dr. Yu Honglim, President, Seoul National University, along with officials and education and climate change experts.

The forum’s primary focus was on developing new models to enhance global cooperation in integrating climate education into educational systems, particularly in Asia. Discussions also centred on addressing financial and technical challenges in climate education in Asia. Participants shared practical experiences and explored mechanisms to encourage the widespread adoption of climate education throughout the educational process.

The Greening Education Hub hosted 13 events, including panel discussions and workshops on fostering collaboration in climate education. The emphasis was on motivating youth and students to embrace sustainable behaviours.

Among the sessions was a workshop titled “Addressing eco-anxiety in the classroom through a pedagogical approach based on cooperation and expression of emotions”, organised by the Office for Climate Education in collaboration with the Education for All Coalition. Participants shared their feelings and experiences regarding climate change and its impact on classrooms.

Amal Abdel Rahim, Director of the Strategy and Future Department at the Ministry of Education, highlighted that the discussions held at the Greening Education Hub underscored the transformative power of education in addressing climate change sustainably.

She emphasised that fostering awareness and promoting environmental behaviours among students and young people is crucial for shaping a better future. Engineer Amal stated, “The Legacy from the Land of Zayed Hub serves as a platform for countries, educational institutions, NGOs, experts, and specialists to engage in discussions on various aspects of integrating climate education. It also facilitates the development of practical solutions and materials for global dissemination. We are confident that the Hub will continue to leave a lasting legacy in the days ahead, providing a foundation for future endeavours.”

The “Climate Consciousness among Youth” session emphasised the importance of implementing curricula that inspire young individuals to embrace sustainable behaviours, fostering positive change aligned with the sustainable development goals. Furthermore, the "Bridging the Gap in Air Quality for Education and Beyond" session delved into the crucial collaboration among higher education institutions to develop educational systems that prioritise quality of life. This involves encouraging interconnected and contemplative thinking among students, enabling them to confront the challenges of the 21st century.

The Greening Education Hub – Legacy from the Land of Zayed welcomed almost 9,000 visitors by the end of the fourth day of COP28. It continues to generate increasing interest from various segments of society, drawn to its educational activities and discussions.