May 26 2009

New pay scale for Saudi doctors Ok'd

RIYADH - The Council of Ministers approved on Monday new pay scale for Saudi doctors working in public, specialist and referral hospitals, reported the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The new pay scale also applies to all government hospitals, health facilities and centers being run according to the operational program, including National Guard hospitals as well as those under defense, interior and health ministries, the Foundation of King Faisal Specialist and Research Center , said Minister of Culture and Information Dr. Abdul Aziz Khoja after the Cabinet meeting.

The first grade scale doctors will also get a maximum 30 percent allowance for distinction in their areas of specialization. Consultants undergoing training will get SR2,000 per month as training allowance.

Medical directors and heads of medical and health departments will get a monthly lump sum amount as supervision allowance.

Health and universities authorities will provide accommodation to physicians and dentists under their housing projects. However, until the implementation of these projects, housing units will be provided, with annual rents not exceeding SR50,000.

The Cabinet also gave the go-ahead for the formation of regional committees to sell unclaimed impounded vehicles. The impounded vehicles would be sold in public auction and fines prior to their impounding would be deducted from the sale. The remaining amount would be deposited in the General Commission Caring for Minors' Funds. In case, the value of the auctioned car does not cover the fines and dues, the balance would be borne by the government.

The Cabinet endorsed procedures for the detention of female juveniles in areas where there are no social care homes. If a judge orders the detention of a female juvenile she should be transported to the social care home or to an institution caring for the girls. Girls or female juvenile involved in honor cases shall be transported to the nearest social care home or an institution caring for the girls. In all cases the transportation of the juvenile should be made in the company of the girl's guardian or a female jailer or a Mahram.

The Cabinet also approved an auto club system. It stipulates opening schools to teach car and motorcycle sport skills according to the regulations approved by the Saudi Federation for Cars and Motorcycles and also assigned the General Presidency for Youth Welfare to supervise the club.

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