|28 March, 2018

Conquer the hard talk that is holding you back with the launch of The HardTalk Handbook

The HardTalk Handbook is backed by renowned names including Mishal Kanoo and Dr. Sabah Al Binali

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai-based trainer, speaker and coach Dawn Metcalfe today launches her second book, The HardTalk™ Handbook, pegged as the definitive guide to having the difficult conversations that make a difference. While the theme is universal, the methodology within the book and accompanying programme was inspired by Dawn’s experiences of living and working in the UAE, an economy rich in diversity.

Everybody has a situation they are avoiding, whether personally or professionally. Our natural instincts make us wary of confrontation or failure, or even situations in which we think people might not like us. Have you ever panicked at the idea of telling a colleague they smell? Would you have the courage to tell your boss they made a mistake or a client that you did? Perhaps you haven’t even been honest with your partner about an annoying habit they have. The HardTalk Handbook and training programme, everyone can conquer those fears and discover how to succeed at the most difficult conversations to get the results you want.  

The book – Dawn’s second business book – is an interactive guide to understanding our instincts and behaviours and teaching you the tools to overcome them in order to succeed. It has already garnered rave reviews: according to Dr. Sabah Al Binali, CEO of Universal Strategy, “HardTalk is more than a book; it is a manual on effective inter-personal communication.” Chairman of The Kanoo Group, Mishal Kanoo said, “The HardTalk Handbook does an excellent job in explaining issues that most need to understand.”

Author Dawn Metcalfe “I wrote this book and the accompanying training programme because, although diversity is a great thing and necessary for innovation and creativity, it can often make it more difficult for us to communicate effectively. This is particularly true when what we need to talk about is “difficult”.  The techniques we share in The HardTalk HandBook will work no matter where you’re from and no matter with whom you need to speak. I don’t promise the difficult conversations will suddenly be easy – it’s called HardTalk for a reason! – but they will be easier.”

How Does it Work?

Using extensive research and neuroscientific techniques, it explains the challenges of candid communication, particularly within the diverse workplaces of the Middle East. It demonstrates how to resolve conflict and affect change, no matter your culture, background or experience. Discover why we’d rather ‘put up’ instead of ‘turn up’ and how our natural instinct to ‘speak louder’ is far less important than ‘listening hard’. It will show you how improving your communication skills can even have a tangible impact on your organisational bottom line. According to research by PDSi, over 60% of employees have seen mishandled conflict communication result in work absences, injuries and project failure. Gaining the skills to effectively have the conversations that matter most could prevent accidents, increase productivity, improve teamwork and grow profitability. 

The author of The HardTalk™ Handbook and the creator of the HardTalk™ Training Programme is PDSi Managing Director, Dawn Metcalfe. Her first book, ‘Managing the Matrix: The Secret to Surviving and Thriving in Your Organization’ was published in 2014 in both English and Arabic. Dawn is an expert in communication, especially within diverse groups, and has worked in seven countries around the world, ranging from teaching in Europe, through to her time teaching teachers in China, to her now home in Dubai. She’s worked with leaders at all levels around the region, and beyond, to change the way they see the world, their behaviour and their impact on others. Known for not being afraid to tell truth to power (and crowds!) her insights and straight-talking approach have kept her constantly in demand from large multinationals and government entities across the Middle East for the last 10 years. 

The book retails at 100 AED and is available globally via:




More information on HardTalk can be found at www.hardtalk.info

For media enquiries please email sarah@hardtalk.info    

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