In a televised interview on Bloomberg TV, which was published by Al-Madinah daily, Economics and Planning Minister Muhammad Al-Tuwaijri said a constructive dialogue with the private sector had been initiated to discuss the current reforms. He noted that the government is open to reconsidering some of the dependents fees and taxes and that a study is being conducted for this purpose.

No decision has been made so far about this issue, according to Al-Tuwaijri, who also said that progress has been made regarding the privatization issue, which was put on hold for a while in the past. Four projects were introduced as privatization opportunities in the energy, water treatment and healthcare sectors. He said the privatization plan for the electricity sector has seen remarkable progress. The privatization program is one of the foundations bolstering the national economy as the program targets at least SR40 billion in two years.

The Week UK newspaper said that the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, launched by the Kingdom, aims to reduce dependency on oil while the Bloomberg Agency said oil will contribute 68 percent to the GDP in 2019 and is expected to reach three trillion dollars.