Dubai reaffirmed its leadership in the global brand licensing landscape by hosting the groundbreaking Second Annual Brand Licensing Conference: Immersive Odyssey, at the prestigious Sofitel Downtown Dubai. This innovative event, centered on "Bridging Real and Virtual Worlds in Brand Licensing," brought together leading figures from the industry to explore the burgeoning intersection of digital and physical licensing opportunities and Dubai's strategic role in this evolving market.

Amer Bitar, CEO of Markettcom Licensing Agency and co-organizer of the conference, emphasized Dubai's influential position in the brand licensing sector, highlighted by a robust global sales figure of $340.8 billion in 2022 and an expected annual growth rate surpassing 8%. The conference's focus extended to Dubai's unique advantages, such as its advanced infrastructure and pro-business policies, which solidify the city's status as a central hub for the innovative fusion of real and virtual brand licensing.

Prominent speakers, including Maura Regan, President and CEO of Licensing International, alongside Amer Bitar, delved into the conference theme, discussing the significant growth potential of integrating real-world products with virtual experiences in the Middle East. They emphasized the strategic importance of brand licensing in allowing companies to diversify their portfolios and enhance their global footprint through innovative real and virtual brand integrations. Maura Regan offered a global perspective on the industry, underlining the accelerated growth and critical role of brand licensing in supporting global business strategies. Amer Bitar provided insights from the Middle East, highlighting Dubai's strategic commercial significance as a nexus offering unmatched opportunities for brands aiming to navigate or expand within the global market through both physical and digital realms.

The event thoroughly explored strategies for customizing brands to regional tastes, fostering innovation, and leveraging Dubai's pivotal role as a conduit for introducing international brands to the Middle Eastern markets with a focus on blending real and virtual worlds. "The Immersive Odyssey conference aims to spotlight Dubai's strategic importance in shaping the future of brand licensing, particularly in the convergence of real and virtual worlds," stated Amer Bitar. "By serving as a critical bridge, Dubai facilitates the introduction of international brands to the Middle East and propels regional brands onto the global stage, enhancing the synergy between global strategies and regional insights in a digitally evolving industry landscape."