Red Sea Mall Celebrates 100 participants at the "Productive Families" Initiative

Launching home based projects part of "How to be a Leader"

Red Sea Mall Celebrates 100 participants at the Productive Families Initiative

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia: Under the Makkah Cultural Initiative “How to Be a Leader”, the Productive Families initiative launched by Red Sea Mall, for the second year, and in cooperation with the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has become a platform that enables families to become part of the world of business. The Initiative supported the ambitions of many, and in return 100 participating families this year were awarded for achieving positive results according to the evaluation of the panel designated for the initiative.

Eng. Aidrous Al Bar, Executive Member of Red Sea Markets Company Ltd., owning Red Sea Mall, expressed his appreciation to the participating families who achieved success through their projects that will be creating promising businesses. He also thanked “Ala Mazaji” group for their efforts on supervising the “Productive Families Kiosks”. Al Bar stated: “The success of this initiative that was a result of a fruitful cooperation between Red Sea Mall and the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry brings us pride. In only 2 years, the initiative attracted 200 families that displayed various projects with great commercial ideas. From the very beginning, the mall has set plans to ensure the success and continuity of the initiative to support the participating families, and we will continue to support the families in line with the aim of Vision 2030, to integrate the private sector and reach economic development. Small enterprises now form an important segment which is highly supported by our government”.

Mohammed Al Asiri, Marketing Manager at Red Sea Mall, stated: “We worked on developing this initiative to become an active platform for productive families with limited income. And on that note, there has been many meetings with Governmental entities to specify the sector which benefits most from this initiative aiming to further develop it and soon the results of these meetings will be announced”.

Many of the participating families expressed their gratitude to Red Sea Mall for providing them with the opportunity to display their products throughout the 2 day event at the mall, noting that this initiative has helped them set a roadmap for their goals. Rania Ghimrawi, a Microbiology graduate, was a participant with a success story and she stated: “I have always been intrigued with Arabian style and fashion, to create my personal style. I studied graphic design courses and began participating in various initiatives allowing me to showcase my products. Through my participation in the “productive Families Kiosks” at Red Sea Mall, I was able to add more and make a bigger difference, and for that I thank Red Sea Mall for supporting me to fulfil my goals” Rania Continues to grow her products’ line, and hopes to have her own store at Red Sea Mall.

As for Safi Abduljawad, a passionate cook, having her own enterprise has always been a plan. She began participating with Red Sea Mall’s “Productive Families” 2 years ago, and since she has found a great deal of support for her products. After the success she witnessed through the initiative, Safi hopes to have her enterprise become a business within two years.

Many participants expressed confidence in their success in the business world and described “Productive Families” as one of the most successful initiatives for helping dozens of families draw the map toward the world of business. To many, the initiative extended various opportunities, especially since Red Sea Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in the region receiving hundreds of visitors every hour.

The initiative reinforced the importance of hand-crafted products and driving development through the display of diverse works such as crochets, canvas embroideries, ornaments, gift-wrapping and baking.

In addition to supporting and sponsoring awareness activities, Red Sea Mall organises various events and national and entertainment festivals throughout the year, making it a destination for both shopping and entertainment. The mall is also committed to the sustainable development of the Saudi society among young male and female Saudis.

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