A man was found dead in a wildfire raging north of Athens Monday, firefighters said, as they battled fresh blazes across the country.

"An old shepherd ran to his sheepfold to save the animals and was retrieved dead, a spokesman from the fire brigade told AFP in Boeotia, about 100 kilometres (62 miles) north of Athens.

People on a beach and in two communities near the fire were told to evacuate. Around 60 firefighters assisted by four water-bombing planes were battling the flames, an official from the fire service told AFP.

Another wildfire broke out on the island of Evia, where 42 firefighters had been deployed backed up by four planes.

Civil protection authorities warned of an "extreme" fire risk in the region around Athens and other parts of southern Greece.

Fires also continued to burn out of control for a third day in northeastern Greece near the port city of Alexandroupolis.

Seven firefighters and one volunteer had to be taken to hospital with injuries, the official said.

Some 12 communities have been evacuated over the weekend and civil protection authorities urged residents to remain indoors due to the smoke.

The very hot and dry conditions which increase the fire risk will persist until Friday, according to meteorologists.