The Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa) has joined forces with Romanian entities - power grid company Transelectrica, and telecommunications infrastructure major E-Infra - for a feasibility study of a high-voltage direct current (HVDC) infrastructure project in Romania.

The study is being conducted in co-ordination with French investment group Meridiam and and global construction major Fluor.

With a shared commitment to energy security and clean energy, the companies intend to conduct a feasibility study to explore the technical, economic, and legal prerequisites for a landmark project that would see the design, construction, and development of an underground 850km HVDC infrastructure with the capability to bring an additional 5GW low carbon power capacity to Romanian communities and the European Union (EU).

This infrastructure would be placed along the route of the Tuzla-Podișor and the Bulgaria-Romania-Hungary-Austria (BRUA) gas pipelines, leveraging the existing corridor routes.

Romania’s Ministry of Energy in alignment with its vision for sustainable energy transition, has extended institutional support to the MoU activities. Furthermore, proactive engagement with the other relevant Romanian authorities is in progress to enable the requisite regulatory backing.

As the global demand for reliable, efficient, and long-distance electricity transmission solutions continues to rise, HVDC technology is emerging as a key enabler.

According to Taqa, the HVDC systems offer numerous advantages, including lower electricity losses during transmission, enhanced grid stability, and the ability to smoothen the integration of renewable energy sources often located far from the existing infrastructure.

With nations increasingly shifting towards cleaner and more sustainable energy systems, HVDC has become a strategic tool for modernising power grids and supporting the global transition to renewable energy, it stated.

Additionally, the growth of international power exchange projects and the expansion of offshore wind farms further drive the demand for HVDC technology, it added.

The MoU’s signatories have brought their extensive experience and expertise, underscoring their commitment to realising this ambitious target. The project has the potential to reshape the energy landscape, fostering sustainability and green energy production for Romania and Europe.

Taqa's Group CEO and Managing Director Jasim Husain Thabet said: "We are pleased to be a part of this ambitious project, which is a strategic collaboration between the governments of Romania and UAE, setting the stage for a future powered by low carbon electricity in Romania."

"The HVDC infrastructure will provide unprecedented flexibility in crucial sectors of the national energy system while simultaneously stimulating green energy production," he noted.

"As the HVDC market continues to evolve and innovate, it presents significant opportunities for businesses, utilities, and stakeholders across the energy sector, shaping the future of global electricity transmission and distribution. As a low carbon power and water champion, TAQA has firmly established its experience with critical infrastructure like HVDC, which enables both energy security and decarbonisation of energy systems," he stated.

In the near future, Romania is expected to harness its substantial energy resources in the Black Sea region, making it one of Europe's largest sources of sustainable energy accessible to the continent. The energy resources of the Black Sea region, coupled with strategic interconnections with the EU, will position Romania as a potential energy hub.

According to Thabet, the feasibility study project is Taqa's second electricity transmission project outside UAE and the third major HVDC project undertaken recently.

Earlier this year, Taqa had invested GBP25 million into Xlinks First Limited to lay the world's longest HVDC subsea cables between the United Kingdom (UK) and Morocco to transport renewable power to the UK, he added.

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