Muscat: The Social Housing Programme has provided assistance to a total of 1,382 families during the year 2023, said the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning (MoHUP).

In a media meeting the most prominent achievements and targets achieved by the Ministry during the year 2023 and the executive plan for 2024 was revealed at the Royal Opera House.

Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning said: “Following the slogan “Citizen First,” the satisfaction rate with the ministry’s performance increased by 65%, as it provided its services to more than 280,000 visitors.”

The Ministry added: “Inaugurating the “Excellent Service Hall,” which is concerned with providing a package of services to real estate investors and developers, as more than 353 transactions were completed during 2023. The “Amlak” platform was able to complete more than 133,000 transactions, and the “Tatweer” platform provided its services to more than 1,500 users.”

In addition, The Ministry was able to distribute more than 25,000 lands in various governorates ⁧‫of Sultanate of Oman‬⁩ through the “Choose Your Land” program, 75 lands through the “Own Your Land” program, 16 lands through the “Plan Your Land” program, and register more than 48 thousand plots of land. For the first time, 1,316 properties were issued to citizens of GCC‬⁩ countries.

The executive plan for 2024 is based on 130 initiatives in the housing and urban planning sectors, and the four priorities (competencies and capacity building, digital transformation, governance and legislation, identity and communication).

His Excellency Dr. Undersecretary for Urban Planning said: “The urban planning sector includes implementing the structural plan for the Greater ⁧‫Muscat ‬⁩ city, and preparing the structural plan for 14 cities, including 3 major cities, which are the Greater ⁧‫Sohar‬⁩, the Greater ⁧‫Salalah ‬⁩, and the Greater ⁧‫Nizwa‬⁩.”

HE added, in the future cities, the implementation of the first phase will be completed for the cities of (Sultan Haitham - Al Jabal Al Akhdar), and a plan will be prepared for the city of Khor Grama in the Wilayat of Sur‬⁩ , and the agricultural city in ⁧‫Al Najad‬⁩ in the governorate of ⁧‫Dhofar, and a plan will be designed for (5) future cities, namely (Salalah) Sohar-Bawsher-Nizwa-Al Khuwair), and Downtown Development in Khasab-‬⁩.

His Excellency Dr. Minister of Housing and Urban Planning indicated that the Al Jabal Al Akhdar project is complete from the planning aspect, and negotiations are currently underway with investors, the Oman Investment Authority and Omran for its implementation.

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