DOHA: The Ministry of Social Development and Family (MoSDF) has inaugurated the 'Family Charter' under the theme 'Family is the treasure of a nation', in a critical step towards promoting familial values and the role of family in building a tight-knit and sustainable community.

Minister of Social Development and Family HE Maryam bint Ali bin Nasser Al Misnad attended the inauguration ceremony, alongside several ministers.

The inauguration was made through the signing of a giant mural across many places such as the Dadu Children's Museum at Expo 2023 Doha, Wisdom Square and Wefaq Centre. The mural includes a substantial number of signers and will have a positive impact on reinforcing awareness and adhering to joint responsibility.

The mural will be available across the nation to garner a significant number of signatures by explaining the signers' rights and duties. The inauguration ceremony features an awareness workshop to introduce the charter, its significance, and most important principles, such as the tight-knit family, social cohesion, as well as strengthening the religious values of the entire community.

Commenting on the importance of the charter, Al Misnad said the signature of the charter is a crucial step towards solidifying familial ties and achieving sustainable development, especially since family is the major incubator of individuals, not only through care but most importantly through helping the community members internalize the religious values.

The charter focuses on a combination of principles and values that organize familial relationships and safeguard individual rights within the family, Al Misnad highlighted, pointing out that the signature is a critical step towards promoting awareness of the significance of preserving the family stability and solidifying its role in the community.

She outlined that the charter will ensure the right to language and identity for the entire community, along with the family duty towards the community, fathers' duty towards sons, the right to national upbringing, the right to protect maternity and childhood, the right to human development, the right to expression and dialogue, the right to parental care, moral and religious legacies, mutual respect, as well as the duty to serve the community and homeland.

The Minister urged the whole community to effectively participate in the signing of this charter to build a community based on religious and moral values, affirming that the charter grants equal rights and imposes duties that reinforce cooperation values in the family and put emphasis on building a robust foundation based on mutual respect and understanding, and underscores the significance of family as a core unit in the community which is the source of values and upbringing and subsequently help build the entire nation accordingly.

The family charter represents the legal framework that governs familial relationships in the state and is focused on the rights and duties of individuals and strives to achieve balance and justice in those relationships, she said, adding that it includes numerous aspects such as financial and economic rights of individuals, educational and health rights, as well as safeguarding the rights of women and children and bolstering justice values and mutual respect in the family.

The charter is broadly the constitution of the family that determines the values and principles governing family relationships and its reactions in the community and is classified as an official agreement among family members to manage predictions and determine the decision-making process, as well as responsibilities in the family, Al Misnad emphasized.

Additionally, the charter is a first-of-its-kind document in the Middle East and North Africa putting the State of Qatar at the vanguard of states that offer such kind of initiatives that conspicuously promote the national and global standing of Qatar. It is also possible to invite the GCC states, the Arab and international communities to join the Qatar-led charter to be the most crucial document for the local community through invoking supreme principles and models that illuminate the road towards achieving family-knit communities and continuing the social development considering the family as their nucleus.

Through this inauguration, the MoSDF aspires to intensify efforts and achieve the contents of national development plans and strategies for 2030, as well as the conventions stipulated in the United Nations charters that primarily safeguard the future of family and address its challenges to have a positive impact on Qatar in general, and on family in particular.

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