KUWAIT - Having launched the first Kuwaiti satellite (KuwaitSat-1) into space, the national team is not taking a break, already embarking on a second identical project, designing the second one, KuwaitSat-2.

Dr. Yasser Abdulrahim has told KUNA in an interview at his office that he and his team of scientists are in the initial stage of a much harder and complex mission, the making of parts of the second satellite, tentatively to be launched in three years.

The second satellite of the Cube Sat 2 type will be larger than the first one, launched into the space on Tuesday, marking Kuwait's first endeavor to be among ranks of nations that had made headways in the realm.

Dr. Abdulrahim said that the planned satellite would examine solar panels, due to be designed and built at Kuwait University and would be equipped with a high definition camera, the Hyper Expected type, that transmits information and not only pictures about the atmosphere levels and the sea contents.

A scientist, who was lecturing 35 trainees at a nearby hall, said that personnel of the first project would train their peers who would be involved in the second mission.

He revealed that laboratories in Kuwait had been modified to match specifications of the laboratories at nations of advanced space knowledge and experience, adding that national cadres had taken part in installing and programming cameras attached to the first satellite.

Based on this experience, the national team is aspiring to make most parts of the new satellite in Kuwait. "We are up to the challenge and we can make it in the near future by Allah's will," said Dr. Abdulrahim confidently.

However, he acknowledged that a lot of technologies are needed to build a full-fledged national industry for satellites production. A single unavailable chip may halt the whole process of making a satellite, he explained.

Dr. Abdulrahim has also acknowledged that there is lack of know-how as to testing the satellite.

Despite some of the snags, he has affirmed that the confidence is quite high to attain the utter objective, building full scale national satellite sector.

Kuwait's first satellite was successfully launched into space on Tuesday, a milestone effort in setting up the country's space industry. "Kuwait Sat-1" was launched onboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 from the US State of Florida's Cape Canaveral, in an endeavor undertaken by Kuwait University and funded by the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences.

The launch was the culmination of diligent work over the course of the past three years, aiming to bring Kuwait's space ambitions to fruition. 

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