Muscat: The European Union, in partnership with the Environment Society of Oman and ASYAD Group, successfully concluded the much-anticipated clinic, "Green Jobs and The Youth Perspective," at Muscat University. This event marks a significant milestone in addressing climate change challenges and promoting sustainable development across Oman.

The clinic brought together 140 participants, including university students, academic professionals, and other stakeholders keen on understanding and contributing to the green job market. Throughout the day, attendees engaged in interactive sessions, workshops, and panel discussions led by esteemed experts in the field of sustainability and green careers.

Notably, Raquel Noboa, CEO of Fifty Shades Greener, and Romain Boitard, Human Capital Development Expert from the European Union, provided invaluable insights into the necessity of integrating green skills across all job sectors and the critical role of education in sustainable development.

Key highlights of the clinic included: Comprehensive presentations on the evolving landscape of the green job market; Workshops focused on identifying and developing essential green skills; and A dynamic panel discussion that emphasized youth empowerment and the pivotal role of education in fostering a sustainable future.

The European Union’s active involvement in the clinic underscores its commitment to fostering international cooperation on environmental issues and supporting Oman’s strategic green initiatives. "The EU continues to lead by example, demonstrating the significant role that international partnerships play in advancing global sustainability goals," stated Christophe Farnaud, EU Ambassador to Oman.

Suaad al Harthi, the Executive Director from Environment Society of Oman, added: “I want to express our gratitude to the EU Delegation for their partnership and for sharing their expertise and knowledge with us. Collaboration is key in addressing climate change, and partnerships like these strengthen our collective efforts.

Oman has committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050—an ambitious target that requires the involvement of all sectors of society. From NGOs and government entities to corporates and academic institutions, everyone has a role to play in supporting this important transition.” Participants left the event with enhanced awareness of the impacts of climate change, a deeper understanding of the green job market, and knowledge about the skills required to thrive in sustainable careers. This clinic served as a unique platform for Omani youth to connect with both global and local leaders in green industries.

The Environment Society of Oman and ASYAD Group, along with the European Union, expressed their gratitude to all participants and speakers for making this event a success and look forward to continued collaboration in empowering the next generation of leaders in sustainability.

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