Abu Dhabi-based Emirates Global Aluminium, one of the world’s largest aluminium producers, has started constructing the largest aluminium recycling plant in the UAE.

The facility is expected to be completed within three years, the company said in a statement issued on Tuesday, days before the UAE will host COP28.

The 170,000 tonnes per year facility will come up next to EGA’s existing smelter in Al Taweelah.

The plant will process post-consumer aluminium scrap such as used window frames, as well as pre-consumer aluminium scrap from extrusion production, into low-carbon, high quality premium aluminium billets.

In 2021, EGA was the first company to produce aluminium commercially using solar power. 

Two years later, the company expanded its low-carbon metal portfolio, combining solar and recycled aluminium to achieve even lower carbon intensity. BMW Group was the first customer of the metal, called “CelestiAL-R”. 

(Editing by Seban Scaria seban.scaria@lseg.com