SHARJAH - Sharjah Electricity, Water and Gas Authority (SEWA) has completed infrastructure development for the second phase of the Al Saaf Residential Complex, comprising 273 units. The project, valued at AED25.237 million, encompasses the installation of an electrical network, water supply system, and street lighting.

Acting Director of the Kalba Department Youssef Mohamed Abdullah Al Hammadi explained that SEWA constructed an electrical network utilising high-pressure and low-pressure cables spanning 44 metres.

He added that six 11 kV substations and 50 electrical distribution boxes were placed to ensure efficient power distribution and connection to all units, costing AED21 million.

For enhanced illumination, 260 lighting columns, 10,500 metres of cabling, and seven lighting control boxes were installed at a total cost of AED1.6 million.

Furthermore, SEWA established a water network for the second phase at a total cost of AED2.637 million. This network stretches over seven kilometres and utilises pipes with diameters ranging from 100mm to 200mm, all compliant with the latest international standards for safe water transportation.