Nama Power and Water Procurement Company (Nama PWP) — Oman’s single buyer of output from power generation and water desalination projects — in a groundbreaking development for Oman's water sector, has solidified a major agreement valued at RO 125 million for the construction of the Ghubrah 3 desalination plant. This vital project, with a projected production capacity of 300,000 cubic metres per day, represents a cornerstone in the country's quest for enhanced water security and sustainable infrastructure.

The Ghubrah 3 desalination plant — which is set to be the largest desalination plant in Oman — encompasses a land area of 70.4 thousand square metres. The plant is expected to commence operations in Q1 of 2027 and will be accompanied by associated projects including a 45,000 cubic metres potable water reservoir. Utilising Reverse Osmosis technology, the Ghubrah 3 desalination plant exemplifies Oman's commitment to sustainable water management and infrastructure development in alignment with the national objectives of Vision Oman 2040.

Under the auspices of Dr Saud bin Hamoud al Habsi, Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Water Resources, the signing ceremony between Nama Power and Water Procurement Company and a consortium of three highly regarded local and international companies marked a significant milestone in the water industry landscape of Oman. The alliance signifies a strategic partnership aimed at fostering innovation, driving economic growth, and meeting the ever-growing demands for water and electricity in the region.

Eng Abdulaziz bin Said al Shidhani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nama Power and Water Procurement Company, affirmed the company's unwavering commitment to addressing the burgeoning water and energy needs of Oman through strategic investments and cutting-edge projects. "The Ghubrah 3 desalination plant exemplifies our dedication to ensuring a sustainable and reliable water supply for our communities," stated Engineer Al Shidhani. "By leveraging the latest technologies and fostering collaboration with industry leaders, we are poised to achieve new milestones in water production and energy efficiency."

The Capital Desalination Company, consisting of GS Inima, Jemaih Energy, and Sogex Company, will oversee the construction of the Ghubrah 3 desalination plant, bringing together a wealth of experience and expertise in water purification and desalination technologies.

Marta Verde, Chairperson of the Capital Desalination Company and CEO of GS Inima, expressed enthusiasm for the project's potential to drive positive change in Oman's water landscape. "Our consortium is dedicated to delivering efficient, sustainable solutions that will bolster water security and promote environmental stewardship," remarked Marta Verde. "We are honoured to contribute our expertise and innovation to the Ghubrah desalination plant, a project that holds immense promise for the future of water production in Oman."

Dr Suhaib Abudayyeh, CEO of Sogex Oman, echoed the sentiments of optimism and progress, emphasising the transformative impact of the Ghubrah 3 desalination plant on Oman's efforts to enhance water security and sustainability. "This project represents a testament to the successful collaboration between public and private sectors in driving innovation and addressing critical water challenges," noted Dr Abudayyeh.

"The alliance's collective experience and dedication to excellence will pave the way for operational efficiency and cost-effective water production, benefitting the people of Oman and the broader community."

With a steadfast focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, Nama Power and Water Procurement has positioned itself as a key player in Oman's transition to renewable energy sources and carbon neutrality. By embarking on initiatives in solar and wind energy projects, the company is actively contributing to the national objectives outlined in Vision Oman 2040 and paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future.


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