Egypt will add 300-400 megawatts (MW) to its renewable energy capacity when new projects and those under construction are completed in 2022, an Egyptian energy official was reported on Monday as saying. 

Other projects that will be executed in the next two years will boost the North African country’s total renewable energy production to more than 10,000 MW, said Mohammed Al-Khayyat, CEO of the state-owned New and Renewable Energy Authority. 

Khayyat told the Egyptian Arabic language daily Addustour that more projects would be undertaken within Egypt’s 2035 Vision for economic development, adding that this would open up vast opportunities for investors in the renewable energy industry. 

“We expect new projects and the projects under construction to add 300-400  MW to the country’s renewable energy network this year,” Khayyat said. 

“Other projects are planned for 2023-2024…when they are completed, we expect the country’s production of solar power and other renewable energy sources to reach more than 10,000 MW…this target within Vision 2035 will certainly be achieved.” 

Khayyat said renewable energy projects are “an essential part” of the country’s long-term development plan, adding:”new developments in this sector worldwide will allow Egypt to step up plans to boost renewable in the energy mix and this will surely open up massive opportunities for investors.” 

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon)