Algeria is planning to construct a 1,000-km rail network to transport iron ore from its largest mine in the Western part of the North African Arab country, a newspaper reported on Wednesday. 

A government technical committee visited the planned rail site on Tuesday and will conduct a study on the route of the rail line, the Arabic language daily Elkhabar said. 

The railway will link ‘Gâra Djebilet’ mine in the western Tindouf province with Bechar province in Northwest Algeria, the paper said. 

“The project involves the construction of a railway that will stretch around 1,000 km to transport iron ore from the mine in Tindouf to Bechar,” the paper added with mentioning when the project would be launched. 

Gâra Djebilet, which was commissioned in mid-2022, is one of the world’s largest iron ore reservoirs, with estimated reserves of nearly 3.5 billion tonnes, of which around 1.7 billion tonnes are exploitable. 

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon)