Manama, Bahrain: VIVA Bahrain – the Kingdom’s innovative telecom operator – has achieved another network breakthrough with the successful deployment of the world’s first Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) powered by Noction – the leading international provider of network routing software. The upgrade looks at enhancing VIVA customers’ online experience by instantly screening thousands of Internet destinations and intelligently rerouting inbound and outbound Internet traffic based on quality-focused metrics in a matter of seconds.

The newly introduced system is designed to optimize the Internet’s standardized Boarder Gateway Protocol (BGP) decision-making process. It works by first examining all available Internet routes for critical network performance indicators such as latency and speed consistency, as well as other important factors such as capacity, current usage and historical reliability of the routes.

Following the real-time scan, Internet traffic is immediately routed through the best-identified path, bypassing congestion and outages, enhancing user experience on latency-sensitive applications such as e-commerce, voIP and media streaming, and minimizing network downtime.  The solution also provides comprehensive analytics as well as real-time insights, allowing VIVA to identify routing anomalies and continuously improve customer experience.

“Lately, we’ve been strengthening our core operations with infrastructural upgrades that aim at empowering our network capabilities and truly taking our customer experience to new heights,” said Eng. Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, VIVA Bahrain CEO. “We’re very proud of marking this breakthrough with Noction; an international technology provider that not only shares the same values and high-quality standards as VIVA, but also caters to the customer-centric, digitally-led direction that VIVA’s focusing on.”

The Noction-powered solution comes as a second layer upgrade to VIVA’s newly launched Customer Excellence Center, which is equipped with real-time dashboards that detect degradations in services even when there’s no technical fault in the network. In addition, VIVA has also recently deployed the world’s first One Cloud core network, which aims at paving the way for a cloud-based future and bringing Bahrain one step closer to implementing the latest generation network.

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