Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Mercans, the global payroll technology leader, announced today that Pete Tiliakos has joined its board as a non-executive director. Pete is a renowned global payroll product strategy leader, HR industry analyst, advisor, and thought leader. This appointment follows industry veteran Steve Goldberg joining Mercans’ board last October.

When announcing Pete’s appointment, Mercans’ board said, “Pete brings an independent and fresh perspective to Mercans’ strategy and governance structure. His experience and insights strengthen the board and executive management team of the global payroll and EOR service provider.  Pete's extensive industry knowledge is highly sought after and his perspectives are highly regarded. We are excited to have Pete join Mercans’ board and look forward to working with him on strengthening Mercans’ leadership in the global payroll and EOR industries.”

In addition to being a globally recognized expert in payroll, employer of record services, and HR technology, Pete is also a frequent contributor to industry publications, associations, and events. Pete holds an MBA, B.S. in Business Administration and HR Management, and is a proud veteran of the United States Marine Corps.

"Pete's extensive background in HR Tech and his global payroll insights make him a wonderful addition to Mercans’ leadership team. I am eager to collaborate with Pete in our efforts to propel Mercans to new heights" stated Vish, the CEO of Mercans’ Payroll & SaaS business.

Mercans' global payroll technology has revolutionized the industry by enabling clients, HCM providers, and payroll services companies to break free from outdated software solutions and the need to manage multiple in-country service providers.

Mercans' HR Blizz platform provides single global gross-to-net payroll functionality that enables clients to process payroll and integrate with local tax authorities in 160 countries, allowing for full consolidation and digital transformation of their international payroll operations.