• The two culinary maestros promise to redefine Chic Nonna’s culinary experience

Dubai : Chic Nonna, the epitome of Italian cuisine in the heart of DIFC, is proud to announce the strategic addition of Head Chef Francesco Torcasio and Group Executive Chef Giuseppe Pezzella to its distinguished team, a token of its unwavering commitment to culinary excellence and continuous improvement.

With the new culinary team in place, the restaurant will elevate its menu and food offerings, ensure the finest quality of ingredients, prioritise sustainable local produce and strengthen guests dining experience through innovative culinary collaborations and interactive chef experiences. Both chefs will be bringing traditional dishes and tastes from their respective hometowns in Italy with a modern spin, elevating each dish but still embodying the history, love and generosity of the cuisine.

The dynamic duo will undoubtedly lead the charge in Chic Nonna's ongoing pursuit of excellence, expand the brand into new territories, and take guests on a journey through Italy's rich and diverse flavours.

Head Chef Francesco Torcasio

Born in Calabria and renowned for his passion for time-honoured recipes, Head Chef Francesco Torcasio made an indelible mark in the world of Italian gastronomy as the former chef of Il Borro Dubai. Due to his extensive experience in leading the kitchen of the now global brand, he was asked to join the opening team that launched Il Borro London in 2021. His journey into the culinary world began at the age of just fifteen, growing up in a family where food was an art form, with time-honoured recipes and techniques passed down through generations. He worked his way up the ranks to become one of the most admired chefs in the region, with strong communication and leadership skills and an outstanding ability to work under pressure.

Chef Francesco Torcasio's illustrious career reflects a wealth of experience and culinary expertise that has consistently elevated the Italian dining experience across many countries. His culinary journey began in Italy, where he held notable positions and specialised in making fresh pasta daily. He demonstrated his commitment to excellence through precise recipe adherence, kitchen organisation, and the artful preparation of fresh ingredients.

Group Executive Chef Giuseppe Pezzella

Chef Giuseppe Pezzella joins Chic Nonna with decades of experience pushing the boundaries of culinary innovation and creativity. Born in Naples, Italy, Chef Pezzella's approach is characterised by a profound respect for quality ingredients, a dedication to preserving the authenticity of regional flavours, and a unique blend of classic techniques with modern trends. Chef Pezzella's culinary journey also began at a young age, honing his skills in the kitchen of his family's restaurant in Naples. He then decided to take on bigger challenges, where he moved to France and the UK, and finally landed in the UAE.

Chef Pezzella's commitment extends beyond the kitchen, actively supporting local farmers and artisans and promoting sustainability in the food industry. Renowned for his philanthropic efforts, Giuseppe Pezzella has authored several cookbooks that showcase his culinary philosophy and allow home cooks to capture the essence of his creations in their kitchens. Chef Pezzella's impact on the culinary world is undeniable, with numerous Michelin stars and a legacy of culinary excellence across various countries.

Chef Torcasio's expertise in crafting traditional, time-honoured dishes and Chef Pezzella's innovative approach perfectly align with Chic Nonna's ethos of always pushing the boundaries to create unforgettable culinary experiences.


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