Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority (SSA) announced the graduation of the third batch from the empowerment program offered by Knowledge Group, a leading provider of professional training and education. Providing beneficiaries with essential skills required to enter the job market, the program aligns with SSA’s commitment to creating a sustainable positive impact. To this end, SSA adopts an integrated approach aimed at providing a robust social safety net for families eligible for social support in Abu Dhabi by offering them social financial support and empowerment opportunities.

During the 8- week training program, 98 beneficiaries received 225 hours of training by specialists in various areas including English language proficiency, basic personal skills for the workplace, information technology skills, project management, and CV writing and interview skills. This training enables graduates to improve their present and future prospects through hard work, secure sustainable sources of income, and support their families to overcome challenges.

His Excellency Abdulla Al Ameri, Director General of SSA, said: “Investing in people and equipping them with valuable tools and skills allow them to make a positive impact on their country, community and families. At SSA, our aim is to provide a robust social safety net for the local community in Abu Dhabi. When sustainable income sources are affected, this ensures social financial support and empowerment opportunities, particularly in the fields of education, training and professional development for all eligible family members, through cooperation with our strategic partners.”

Al Ameri added: “Through our wide network of partners and stakeholders, we work together to provide our beneficiaries with the best educational, training and job opportunities. We have witnessed constructive engagement and cooperation from the program beneficiaries, which demonstrates their keenness to develop their capabilities and utilize the opportunities available within the job market. Today, this collaboration is exemplified by the graduation of the third batch of this training program, a key element in our empowerment initiatives.”

Al Ameri also congratulated the graduates of the empowerment program, noting that it has equipped them with valuable tools and skills to shape a better tomorrow. He emphasized that the path to success is never without challenges, and today’s challenges are tomorrow's opportunities. He further stressed that every challenge heralds a new era of creativity, innovation and solutions, describing the program graduates our aspirations for a brighter future.

Dr. Ahmed Badr, CEO of Knowledge Group, said: “Our training program is designed to be a new source of knowledge, skill development and self-improvement. It helps people to learn key skills and prepare them for the job market, contributing to positive societal change.”

He added: "We are proud of our strategic partnership with SSA, and we look forward to further productive collaboration through empowerment programs that meet the evolving requirements of the job market, while providing beneficiaries with new skills that help them build ambitious careers. Our Group will continue to develop innovative training programs that are responsive to the rapid developments of today.”

During the graduation ceremony, graduates were honored and received certificates for completing the training program. Omar Al Karbi, speaking on behalf of his fellow graduates in the program, expressed his gratitude to the Abu Dhabi Social Support Authority and the Knowledge Group. He also highlighted the importance of the program in preparing a competent generation for the future of Abu Dhabi and the UAE, and providing them with essential skills for job market participation. This will allow them to play a meaningful role in society, while fostering the stability of their families.

SSA ensures that its empowerment initiatives are aligned with its strategic objectives aimed at providing crucial support and empowerment for its beneficiaries by providing them with the skills, training, education and employment programs that facilitate their entry into the job market. In cooperation with the Knowledge Group, it has successfully graduated 217 students at the beginning of 2023 as part of the program’s second batch.